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stop weeds growing under fence

Stop weeds growing under fence

Get in touch with your council. They can serve an enforcement notice on your neighbours getting them to sort themselves out. It doesn’t matter if it’s a privately-owned house or council house, they can take the owners to court, if they won’t do it themselves, the council will do it and charge the house owners.

Good idea about the slates, do you think they should be pushed down sideways or not, just wondered about the depth they would need to be to stop ground elder and brambles from next door.My neighbour actually waters his ground elder!

I haven’t got a neighbour, but I have nettles and bindweed! I’ve dug and weedkilled, the nettles aren’t too bad now but the bindweed is impossible! My garden is on 3 levels with stone walls terracing the levels and the bindweed burrows under the walls. The roots can go down pretty deep.


I have exactly the same problem so will be greatfull for any ideas

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I agree with the physical barrier idea – it’s really the only way to stop the weeds. Above ground you can fix wind netting to the fence to hold them back.

It would be a bit of a project, but you could get some root barrier membrane and dig a trench along the boundary and create a real barrier to stop the roots spreading your way. You’d probably have to dig some of your own plants up in order to do it, but it would be really worthwhile

I know this as I was on the recieving end a few years ago (dispute with our next-door neighbour got out of hand as he had some mental health issues), I couldn’t sort out the front garden as I was in a wheelchair at the time. My husband ended up spraying weedkiller liberally and strimming the lot, it wasn’t pretty but sufficed until I was well enough to potter and do a bit here and there. The threat was enough to get it sorted. Unfortunately we’re still not on speaking terms with the neighbour, he still has his issues and has assaulted both my husband and the chap across the street (neither is exactly small).

Stop weeds growing under fence

When you allow them to grow alongside with your plants they compete for your food which and your plants won’t be as nutritious as they would be.

With quick detection and action, these problems can curtail before they become bigger problems if the weeds are gone.

Weeds cause disease

You can also apply a herbicide for removing the type of weeds coming through fences. Gently spray the product on the weed or use a paintbrush to apply it.

Get ready with a herbicide

By definition, a plant whose virtues have not discovered is called weeds. Weeds are naturally strong competitors. Weeds are troublesome in many ways. Instead of the negative impact of weeds, some plants seeds may provide some benefit.