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stop weeds from growing in pavers

Stop weeds from growing in pavers

There are few things more frustrating than grass between pavers on your pathway or patio. Not only do they make the surface look untidy, but weeds are also tedious to remove. We’ll show you how to prevent weed growth between paving stones.

Properly installed paving stones will not be easily susceptible to weed growth. And while choosing the best materials for your project will help prevent weed growth, weeds are experts in finding places to grow. Even just a couple seedlings can quickly spread throughout your entire patio.

If you already have weed growth between your patio stones, here are some helpful steps:

Stop weeds from growing in pavers

Before applying sealant, you need to re-fill the spaces between pavers with sand.

How to keep weeds from growing between pavers? How to get rid of grass between paving stones?

Step 3: Chemical-Free Options

Here at Outback Landscape, we have the skills, tools and knowledge to design and install patios that stand the test of time — and stand up to tenacious weeds.

We have your weed-free answers, step by step.

Step 1: Grab Your Screwdriver

If weeds sneak through — and the pesky things do — we can remove them, so you can go back to enjoying your weed-free patio.