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squirr’t seeds

Indoor flowering is pretty quick at just 50 days while outdoor growers in northern latitudes will be able to gather their harvest between September 20th and October 5th. These plants not only smell sensational, they look beautiful too with gorgeous green and purple buds, a facet which is only enhanced when cultivated outdoors where night-time temperatures drop towards the end of flowering.

Squirt is an 80% sativa strain which terpene fans will go crazy for. It is a Bx3 version of a strain labelled BBM x Tang #118 which was discovered during Humboldt Seed Co’s 10,000 plant pheno mega hunt. It’s originally a Blueberry Muffin/Tangie cross which has been coaxed into producing such heavy concentrations of mono and sesquiterpenes that they give the impression of literally “squirting” into the surrounding air.

While the levels of anthocyanins,colourful compounds giving red, purple, pink and black pigmentation,) will vary, growers can rely on the consistency of chemotype as well as scent and flavour, the latter echoing sweet and tart grapefruit. THC production is around 20% and this imparts an uplifting, typically sativa-style high.

Squirr't seeds

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Three generations later, this Bx3 will consistently squirt mono and sesquiterpenes that last longer than many others.

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Labeled BBM x Tang #118, we referenced back to our genetic preservation library and got to work breeding.


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Expect variation in the anthocyanins level but consistency in chemotype, flavour, and aroma.

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