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special occasion seeds

Special occasion seeds

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Special occasion seeds

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Special occasion seeds

It produces a complex aroma, mixing sweet and petrol nuances with biscuit notes and creamy touches. Its aromas and flavours are a delight if inhaled using a cannabis vaporizer.

It has a flexible and robust structure that makes it suitable for all pruning and moulding methods such as topping or SCROG. These cultivation methods maximise its performance.

The buds are distributed by the branches tips and knots, producing tight and heavy balls loaded with bright and aromatic trichomes. The buds may show purple tones at the end of the flowering stage if the temperature drops a few degrees.

We are happy to present Cannarado Genetics Special Occasion, a feminised hybrid characterised by its power and a creamy and sweet aroma. This variety is now available in our catalogue at Alchimia Grow Shop.

Special Occasion, a variety with a Kush hybrid appearance

It is a cross between two American super varieties, Birthday Cake and Wedding Cake (Triangle Mints), resulting in a truly original plant that perfectly combines Girl Scout Cookies and OG Kush lineages (with nuances from other strains along several selection crosses).

Special Occasion is an Indica Sativa poly-hybrid of great quality. It is a plant that develops with a Kush hybrid appearance, well-branched with medium internodes. It is easy to cultivate and it is perfectly adapted to both indoor and outdoor cultivation.

The flowers mature in about 56-70 days of flowering, offering a high production with a yield of up to 500g per m2 indoors, and up to 700-800g per plant cultivated outdoors in the open ground.

Special Occasion, powerful, aromatic and very resinous

It produces a very powerful effect both on a physical and mental level, inducing a really pleasant feeling. It loosens the muscles while it relaxes the mind and invade us with happiness and a psychedelic well-being.