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sour headstash seeds

Sour headstash seeds

Hopefully, it does not damage the effects.

But it also combines with the Indica-effect of the Headstash that has that lax and nice body high. The end result is that it does not give you as much of uplift that the Sour Diesel will give you. But it offers a very nice cuddly-bodily feeling as well.

How the Sour Headstash Strain Smells?

The effects of the Sour Headstash cannabis strain are working pretty well. Actually, it is a mixture between the uplift of the Sour Diesel which provides chattiness, the happy-go-lucky attitude which can acutely help you get stuff done and make you go through the whole day happy. It will also make you inspired and productive so it is great to have it during the day.

The Effects of Sour Headstash Cannabis Strain

Looking at the Sour Headstash cannabis strain bud in detail, it is a bit difficult to tell, but it does have a kind of a Sativa-like appearance. The basis of the leaves is still on there and you can notice the very strong pistols running though this bud. They are particularly noticeable in the close-up shots of the bud.

Now And Sour regular cannabis seeds from Karma Genetics is a beautifully-bred Indica-leaning strain of cannabis from this legendary, Dutch seed company.

Legally-operating growers will enjoy average height plants that begin with a sizeable stretch.
70 -75 days is the optimum flowering time with Now and Sour producing vast quantities of resin as she finishes, making this strain an astute choice for legally-operating extraction artists – resin covers fan leaves and the tops such is the abundance.
Flavours and aromas are frankly, outrageous. Legal growers will need to ensure that their odour control systems are on point. The sour, pungent aromas are simply exquisite and discerning connoisseurs will love the fusion of terpenes.

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Genetically, Now And Sour showcases elite genetics that have been selected and honed by Karma’s world-class breeding team: Now N Later x Karma Sour D BX3 #A2 is the exact lineage that produces this mouth-watering hybrid.

Now And Sour, like most of Karma Genetics’ recent releases, is a very potent strain of cannabis that produces strong, euphoric effects.