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sour bubble seeds

Sour bubble seed is an Indica dominant marijuana strain that is suitable for indoor and outdoor growing. The seed is well known for its high yielding capabilities and can reach maturity stage within 7-8 weeks. Below is a comprehensive review about this cannabis strain. Also check out 420 carat strain.

Sour Bubble Seeds Features:

  • Variety: mostly Indica
  • Indoor flowering period: 49 – 55 days
  • Outdoor flowering period: mostly September
  • Height: average
  • Climate: perfectly for Indoor and outdoor conditions
  • Harvest time: early October
  • Plant’s

Sweet and sour with a bubblegum finish, Sour Bubble marijuana is a super potent strain for both medical and recreational users.


Sour Bubble marijuana starts out in the head to uplift your mood before the indica genetics settle in for a body-numbing buzz that will leave you on the couch. Its earthy aroma is underscored by a sour sweetness that has distinct notes of bubblegum. As if it could be more appealing, Sour Bubble can contain up to 1% CBD, cementing its usefulness as a medical strain that effectively calms stress and anxiety, reduces chronic pain, encourages happiness, and improves sleep.

Pure-bred in every sense of the word -its the offspring of breeding a clone with its original parent), Sour Bubble marijuana is an award-winning indica boasting a blistering level of THC (it tops out at 28%) and a flavor that is sure to make your mouth water.