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sour 91 pie seeds

In the early days of legalization, the terms Indica and Sativa were adopted by budtenders who were trying to describe the effects of cannabis—not how the plants grew or where they were from. Growers knew better, because they saw skinny Sativa leaves on a squat, earthy-smelling plant and fat Indica leaves on a tall that produced buds that smelled like fresh lemon. They knew the lineage of their plants, and that 99% of the strains were hybrids.

Today, the terms Indica and Sativa are almost always used incorrectly. Though we know it would be more accurate to classify strains using words like “awaken,” “ground,” “create,” and “relax,” most cannabis consumers and dispensaries prefer to stick to good ole Indica and Sativa. So after much debate, we’ve decided to adopt these terms as they are used today: “Indica-effect” strains are experienced as physically heavier and more conducive to relaxation and possibly sleep. “Sativa-effect” strains are experienced as more uplifting and energetic. “Hybrid-effect” strains are those which bridge the middle ground between the two, and are usually great for both daytime and nighttime use—for quiet or activity.

Sour 91 pie seeds

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Sour 91 pie seeds

Competitor: Sunspice/ Igadl Global Ja/ Louis Chase/ Maurice Ellis

Michigan Cannabis Cup: Lab-testing results by Iron Labs, Walled Lake, using GC-MS, and by PSI Labs, Ann Arbor, using HPLC.

Category: Sativa (US)

4. Sunshine #4 by Bhodi Seeds

2015 Cannabis Cup: Michigan Cup

Category: Medical Sativa

5. The Wife

Veganic Strawberry Cough has been included in our “Strongest Strains on Earth” compilation (hereafter, The List) for three out of the five years that HIGH TIMES has been running it. In 2012, the VSC maxed out at just over 20% THC. Meanwhile, veganically grown strains (using Kyle Kushman’s Vegamatrix line) have made The List seven times over the course of those five years.

Karmasutra , a collaboration project, is a hybrid of the Karma OG crossed with Rockstar . Rockstar has two known versions: The Canadian version is a Bubba Kush x Lemon OG , while the European version is Rockbud x Sensi Star.