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sorbet dreams seeds

Sorbet dreams seeds

Sorbet Dreams is not lazy when it comes to growing up. This 60% indica is fast, with her milestone coming after only 8 weeks of flowering. Thanks to the vigorous growth of this genetics, plants love to grow naturally and are therefore excellent candidates for outdoor growing. In early October, the plants grown outdoors will be ready for harvest. Sorbet Dreams can also grow quite well indoors, but some height control techniques may be required. Either way, be prepared to harvest tons of very resinous, crystal-covered flowers. Excellent if you want to make concentrates and hash! With yields of up to 500g / m� in good condition, there won’t be much to complain about.

Sorbet Dreams by DNA Genetics makes no secret of being made with some of the most prestigious cannabis genetics. This hybrid is very rewarding and won’t let you down from the moment you plant its seed until you can finally enjoy the fruit!

Smoke this lady and enjoy a perfect mix of very earthy Kush flavors, but with the harmonious and creamy tones of Sorbet. Your taste buds will undoubtedly appreciate the thick and aromatic, yet incredibly smooth smoke! Her effect is also top notch and delivers a pretty full high that is relaxing yet happy, energetic and euphoric. This makes it a perfect all-round smoke that guarantees you a good time whenever you have the pleasure of enjoying it! Great if you want to relax on your own, but also a fun social smoke to share.

DNA Genetics has combined one of the most sought after strains – the famous Kush Dreams – with the genetics of their Sorbet line. Referred to as Sorbet Dreams, this strain is a great yielding hybrid with a unique terpene profile that blends the moist beauty of a great Kush with the creamy notes of Sorbet.

Kush Dreams x Sorbet
Flowering Time: 8 weeks
Indica: 60% | Sativa: 40%
Yield: 450-500 g/m2??
Height: Medium/Tall

Sorbet Dreams sees the return of the former limited edition Kush Dreams, this time in a Sorbet hybrid strain. Good yields and an exceptional terpene profile make this a sure-fire winner.

Sorbet Dreams is 60% indica and grows into a medium to tall plant. Although prospering in all growing environments this plant performs superbly outdoors where it finishes in early October in the northern hemisphere. Indoors, flowering takes just 8 weeks with above average yields of 450 – 500 gr/m 2 .

Very high levels of resin production also make this a very good strain from which to make extracts and concentrates. The scent and taste are of Kush with a creamy Sorbet note. The effect is happy and uplifting with relaxation and sleep following not far behind.