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skunk valley haze seeds

Skunk valley haze seeds

The growth is vigorous from the beginning, developing long and large branches like sativa plants. The light green color of its leaves denotes its sativa genes.

During the flowering period this cannabis plant produces about 350-500 g/m2, being ready to harvest in 8-10 weeks, depending on phenotypes.

Outdoors, it is ready to harvest in November. The production can be about 500 gr/plant or even more, depending on the size of the plant and the growing conditions.

It is a good marijuana plant, great for medical uses and also for breeding projects.

Skunk Haze from Mr. Nice Seeds bank is a cannabis plant created by crossing two old school genetics from the late 80’s by Shantibaba and Nevil. It is a productive, fragrant, tasty and resinous plant, with a strong psychoactive and euphoric effect, already available in

Skunk valley haze seeds

Tropicanna Haze strain

Tropicanna Haze Seed > Oni Seed Co

Regular Marijuana Seeds | Sativa | THC content 15-20% | High yield

Item currently not available. Please let me know when the product is available again:

Tropicanna Haze consists of Skunk Valley Haze (91 Chemdog x Tom Hill Haze) and Oni Seed Co’s flagship strain, Tropicanna Cookies. The haze mother has a unique terpene profile that is unlike the more traditional hazes. She smells like skunky, citrusy hops rather than sandalwood and incense. The Tropicanna Cookies brings the unmistakable orange, cinnamon sugar to the party. This strain exhibits a wider range of phenotypes than some of our other creations and thus the flowering times range from 63-75 days. It’s our opinion that the longer flowering plants should be the most sought after however the shorter flowering phenotypes are more compatible with most peoples gardens and can’t be overlooked either.

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