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sharksbreath seeds

Sharksbreath seeds

Read the Sharksbreath seed specifications in the table below. The values may vary between the different seedbanks where you can buy Sharksbreath seeds.

You want to buy Sharksbreath seeds? Get yourself informed about the effects of the Sharksbreath strain. Sharksbreath is known for the following effects:

About Sharksbreath seeds

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Sharksbreath effects

Sharksbreath is an mainly indica strain with a THC level of 20.5 percent. The CBD level of this strain is low. Sharksbreath is abbreviated as Shb with a variety of 20% sativa and 80% sativa. Sharksbreath will grow into a beautiful cannabis plant with a fine return in harvest. It is not hard to grow these Sharksbreath seeds, you keep an eye on this plant will it grows, the flowering period is pretty average.

Sharksbreath is one of the first marijuana strains to be launched in DNA Genetics’ new GYO collection. Available in packs of 6 feminised seeds, the GYO collection is designed to make the preservation of DNA’s elite genetics more accessible and affordable than ever before.

Sharksbreath is derived from a cross of the Great White Shark (GWS) and Jamaican Lambsbread strains to produce an indica dominant variety of cannabis with a heavily indica weighted profile. DNA’s test grows of this strain, conducted in their legal climate, showed short, stout plants with dense buds and larger than average yields. Good airflow was essential to avoid bud rot. Sharksbreath is a notable producer of sticky resin – the plants finish with a crystalline coating of frosty trichomes. Sharksbreath is a very potent strain – a long lasting, indica high with lovely flavours of fruits and a hint of pine.

You may not believe cannabis can help concentration, but the sense of focus and direction associated with a Sharksbreath high can benefit patients with conditions like ADHD. Not to mention the mood boosting effects may relieve stress and depression.

As a pure sativa strain, Thai marijuana is clinically suited to treating patients suffering from conditions like chronic fatigue or mood problems like depression. Some have expressed its success in treating chronic stress and inflammation, along with chronic and minor pain like cramps, spams, and migraines.


Though perhaps pungent like the breath of a dangerous sea creature, that’s pretty much where the resemblance between sharks and Sharksbreath marijuana seeds ends. Give this happy, relaxing strain a try if you’re battling migraines or anxiety.

Very few people are willing and able to get close enough to a shark to figure out what its breath may smell like, but if we were to imagine it, it would be smell just like Sharksbreath marijuana seeds. Don’t worry, this indica-dominant hybrid won’t bite you – though potent (topping out at a whopping 26% THC), it’s tangy, sweet aroma and sativa-genetics are a great aid when you are looking to relax and unwind.

What does Sharksbreath smell like, anyway? We can’t speak for the predator, but this marijuana strain is pungent and skunky, and some say features a sharp, sour orange tang – the kind of scent that one might find hard to disguise.