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shark shock seeds

Shark shock seeds

A powerful, multi award-winning hybrid created in the 90s by Shantibaba, it took 1st prize in the 1997 High Times Cannabis Cup under it’s original name of Great White Shark and over the years has also won trophies under the name Peacemaker. Now though, it’s been refined, renamed and rereleased by Mr Nice as Shark Shock!

Shark Shock was bred by crossing two classic strains – White Widow (Brazilian Sativa x South India) and Skunk #1, both touchstones of the cannabis world. It’s a compact, stinky skunk smelling plant, loaded with buds frosted white with resin and really represents the best of it’s elite parentage in growth structure as well as taste and effect.

An easy to grow, vigorous and strong plant, it’s a joy to watch Shark Shock as she flourishes and blossoms. It produces heavy crops of dense flowers and releases some intense, amazing aromas. It’s a real pleasure to look at and to taste, while it’s combination of heavy indica body effect and sativa buzz leaves smokers feeling satisfied and medicated without being completely knocked out.

Shark Shock from Mr Nice Seed Bank is without a doubt one of the best worked strains of cannabis available on the market.

A great choice of plant for any grower, from beginners to experts, Shark Shock can be grown indoors or outdoors and is particularly well adapted to cultivation in greenhouses.

Shark Shock, bred by Shantibaba, was originally called Great White Shark when he worked for another seed company. It was bred by crossing White Widow and Skunk #1. It has tremendous resin production from which it gets the “white” part of its name.

Shark Shock develops into a compact plant with a dense structure. It is a highly aromatic white Skunk strain which finishes flowering quite quickly taking 50 – 56 days to be ready to harvest yields of between 500 – 600 gr/m 2 . Outdoors it is a very hardy plant and it excels in greenhouse grows as well. Yields are about 500 gr/plant with harvest time in the northern hemisphere being late September through to early October.

The dried buds are very hard and dense with a wonderfully complex aroma. It has won numerous cannabis awards under various names including Great White Shark and Peacemaker as well as Shark Shock.