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serendipity seeds

Popcorn: After picking and husking, spread the ears in a dry, airy place and allow to cure for several weeks. Test-pop a few kernels periodically to determine when the kernels are dry enough to twist from the cobs, store in airtight containers. Large quantities can be processed by placing into heaps and stomping the kernels off the ears. For best results, isolate from any other corn.

Direct Sowing
• Make row furrows about 6-8 inches deep
• Spread 3-5 pounds of TSC’s Complete fertilizer per 100 square feet
• Back fill the furrow, then sow seeds and cover with soil or sifted compost
• Thin seedlings when 4-5 inches

OP Sweet Corn: For best seed saving results we recommend bagging plants to avoid cross pollination.

Hybrid SE/se Corn: The inherited sugar enhanced (SE/se) traits are what make these corn varieties unique. For starters, the kernel walls are the most tender of all corn varieties. Added to that are more sugars, making every ear as sweet as can be. After harvest, the conversion from sugar to starch in SE/se corn is delayed, so the corn maintains its sweetness longer after picking. To top it off, no isolation is required from other normal types of sweet corn, making SE/se corn very popular. For best germination, soil temperature should be at least 70°F.

• Corn performs best in fertile, well-drained soil with a pH between 6.0-7.0
• Corn is a heavy feeder requiring high amounts of nitrogen during the vegetative stage
• Waiting for soil to reach optimum temperature is critical to successful corn growing
• Corn is wind pollinated, for proper pollination plant individual varieties in blocks of at least 4 rows
• Separate varieties by time (plant 10 days apart), or distance (200 feet) to reduce cross-pollination
• For optimum growth ensure beds are watered evenly and deeply

Serendipity seeds

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