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scrog grow weed easy

Scrog grow weed easy

The idea is to manually train the plant to grow a nice even canopy of green, so that when you start flowering the buds grow up in even rows that make maximum use of the grow lights.

This is likely all old news to you but just thought I would tell you my story and what nutrients I use after having read the nutrient part of your newsletter.

The buds will begin to grow above the screen, forming a beautifully even carpet of marijuana colas.

Look forward to hearing your advice.

Just make sure that you are also bending and twisting your marijuana plants. The net is a helpful tool, but it’s still up to you to help train the plants to grow evenly under the net during the vegetative stage. I hope today’s tutorial helps you out!

Scrog grow weed easy

SOG – SOG is used to create “perpetual harvests”. The method involves high plant counts per cu ft and short grow cycles. Clones are introduced to 12/12 flowering with little to no veg cycle. Trellis or other screen material may be used to support heavy colas but no plant training techniques are used. Many growers cannot use SOG due to local plant count limitations.

Screen of Green (ScrOG), single plant

Sea of Green (SOG), multiple plants

ScrOG – The ScrOG method involves lower plant counts, typically 1 plant per 2’x2′ area. Veg periods vary, with longer veg periods resulting in canopies larger than 2’x2′. Screens are used to facilitate plant training which results in short bushy plants with virtually all target bud sites in the best lighting zone. ScrOG method is touted to produce 2 to 3 times the yield of traditional growing methods.

A great deal of confusion exists regarding the difference between Sea of Green (SOG) vs Screen of Green (ScrOG) methods of growing cannabis. Before I present what I consider to be some of the better “How to ScrOG” Guides, allow me to briefly define the difference between SOG and ScrOG.