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school for growing weed in colorado

School for growing weed in colorado

Laura Peters, a Denver resident and CTU student, said, “I choose Cannabis Training University as my Denver cannabis college. I looked around at other Colorado marijuana schools, and they were too expensive or were not recognized in dispensaries, or required sitting down in a class. The only Denver cannabis college that I found that was recognized in the cannabis industry by employers, and had a good reputation and low price was Cannabis Training University.”

Cannabis Training University is the Denver cannabis college of choice!

A marijuana tour guide takes users behind the scenes of dispensaries, cannabis farms, and other industry establishments.

Jeffrey Zorn, CEO of CTU, said, “We love being the Denver cannabis college of choice, as well as the premier and leading cannabis college in the world. We have put many years into developing the best cannabis college curriculum and are happy that our program is affordable for people of all income levels.”

Student Testimonial

Cannabis business owners in Denver know that the best way to train staff is with a solid educational program. Cannabis Training University is an excellent tool for complete team training to grow your sales goals and opportunities with higher education for your team.

Even those working in ancillary industries such as IT, marketing, law, security, accounting, and more can benefit from a robust cannabis education. Learn more about your client’s industry to help them navigate the market’s specific challenges.

Other popular and in demand jobs in cannabis retail are security guards, receptionists, and inventory specialists.

Cannabis Jobs in Denver

Cannabis cultivation jobs in Colorado can lead to a very lucrative career, with some head cannabis growers making well over $100,000 per year. Head growers manage the day-to-day operations of a large commercial cultivation facility.

Enroll in Cannabis Training University for a well-rounded education covering the most important aspects of the industry. Gain a complete understanding of how cannabis is grown and how it can affect the human body, so you can speak knowledgeably with friends, family, and job interviewers.

Federal Regulatory Frameworks and Cannabis

The Psychology of Branding/Behavioral Economics

Who Is This Program For?

Brand equity resides in consumer memory, so understanding the psychology of attention, perception, learning, and memory can inform successful brand management. Prof. Reinholtz will present a basic model of consumer memory and, through this framework, discuss the challenges associated with establishing your brand in a privileged positing in your consumer’s minds.

CLE Credit

Students receive startup and advanced business advice from experienced cannabis entrepreneurs and other industry experts.