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scarlett queen seeds

Scarlett queen seeds

Scarlet queen penstemon is a striking plant to add to your garden: it rises high to display its rich scarlet color.

Penstemon (Penstemon Hartwegii Scarlet Queen) – If you enjoy attracting beneficial insects to your landscape, start Penstemon seeds and enjoy this long-blooming Scarlet Queen. Hummingbirds also will enjoy the brilliant scarlet tubular flowers with white throats. From June to September, this Scarlet Beardtongue, will reward you with non-stop blooming. Penstemon flower care includes deadheading the spent blooms to help promote the continued blooming. Also, during periods of no rainfall, deeply soak the roots of the plant every 2 – 3 weeks.

Scarlet Queen will tolerate and even thrive in poor soils, but it is susceptible to disease when the soil does not drain well. For cool climates, position Scarlet Beard Tongue plants in full sun, but in the hotter climates some partial shade is good. In areas of frost free, mild winters, Beard Tongue will grow as a perennial and as an annual in other zones.

Growing Penstemon from flower seeds: These seeds do not need a cold treatment to improve germination as some species require. The Penstemon seed can be started indoors in starter trays or small pots in late winter. The flower seeds can be pressed into the soil but not covered. Keep the flower seeds moist. Before transplanting once frost have passed, harden off the seedlings for 10 days or more. At the time of transplanting, pinching back the plant will promote a bushier grow habit.

Striking Bi-Color Flowers

Scarlet queen seeds do not need a cold treatment before germination as some species may require. Start indoors in starter trays or small pots in the late winter. Sow 2-3 seeds per plant, and press seeds lightly into the soil, but do not cover: light is needed for germination. Make sure to keep seeds moist until germination. Seedlings can be transplanted outdoors after all danger of frost has passed. However, harden off the seedlings for 10 days or more before moving to their final location. When transplanting, pinch back the plant to promote bushier growth.

Beautiful Upright Flower

Scarlet Queen is an extremely vigorous plant in veg. and one which responds superbly to being topped so that multiple tops grow giving the best yields. Left to itself it will become a very tall plant. Phenotypical variation is quite low with a good general level of consistency. Indoors flowering will take in the region of 56 – 63 days.

Scarlet Queen is a genetic fusion of two of Vic High’s greatest resin-producing strains; Killer Queen crossed with Space Queen gives a 60% sativa strain renowned for its superb red hash-making qualities. Resin glands literally cover the plant.

The scent and taste are like sweet, fruit candy with a somewhat tart after-taste. Scarlet Queen is as potent as G13 and it produces a very stoney high that is totally relaxing and which induces no anxiety. Such is its power to relax that its use is recommended as a night time sedative.