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sativa marijuana seeds

Today, research has found the effects of CBD, found in both sativas and indicas, to be wide-ranging, having sedative, anti-anxiety, anti-psychotic, anti-arthritic, anti-nausea, and anti-convulsive properties, thus making CBD-rich sativa varieties a favourite among medical users.

The flowers of the plant, and to a much lesser extent the leaves and stems, contain the psychoactive chemical compound THC and other cannabinoids consumed by users for recreational and medicinal purposes.

The therapeutic effects of the sativa plant have been used for many millennia. The mythical founder of Chinese herbal medicine (Shen-Nung) mentions hemp in 2737 B.C., and in the 19th century, cannabis was an essential component of apothecaries for many uses. Particularly when treating pain in the joints and muscles, migraines , and cramp-like pains, Cannabis sativa has long been utilized for its therapeutic and anti-inflammatory properties.

Sativa Effects and Medicinal Benefits

Classified by Carl Linnaeus in 1753, Cannabis s ativa varieties have been cultivated for centuries for their hemp fibre, medicinal properties and psychoactivity, among other benefits. Sativa varieties are better suited for warmer climates and thrive outdoors in legal markets, originating from tropical countries in Central and South America and Southeast Asia, including Thailand, India, Mexico, and Colombia. Sativa varieties are better suited for warmer climates and thrive if grown outdoors in legal markets.

Moreover, the plant’s structure is constructed to reach heights up to twenty feet and thrives in humid atmospheres and tropical climates. The leaves and flowers will also look different, with sativa strains featuring long, thin foliage and long, cylindrical buds compared to stocky, dense i ndica varieties.

Sativa has also been used in medical practices as a therapeutic alternative for mental illnesses. It tends to produce various primary effects leading it to be sought out by many users. These effects include sativa being uplifting, mood-elevating, and good for creativity. The characteristic cerebral high can provide an overall energetic effect that stimulates conversation and sociability. As a result, sativa tends to be consumed during the day while its counterpart, indica, is preferred at night.

A Brief History of Sativa

To ensure a high yield, Sativa requires a slightly longer time to grow, taking between ten to sixteen weeks to mature.

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Through their art form of breeding and routinely testing under quality control conditions, these connoisseurs have created some of the most iconic masterpieces, producing cannabis seeds of an extremely high calibre. This has resulted in precious collector’s items as many of these strains are multi-award winning, declared as champion strains.

We represent a limited number of elite household names as well as newer seed banks able to exceed their competitors, such as The Plug Seedbank, Karma Genetics, Archive Seeds and Plantinum Seeds, also known as Terphogs that guarantee to produce the most irresistible, alluring and most importantly reliable plants that will surpass industry standard.

Acting as pioneers, Flying Dutchmen, T.H.Seeds, Paradise Seeds, DNA, Cali Connection and have laid the foundation for newer seed banks pathing the way by providing a substantial amount of knowledge, techniques and strains.

At Puresativa we distribute an exclusive range of high quality cannabis seeds from premium seed banks around the world. Distributing cannabis seeds since 2000 has allowed us to be the official UK and EU Distributor for the most renowned seed banks, firmly establishing ourselves within the cannabis community.

Whether it be through traditional methods or a modern approach these breeders have the expertise when it comes to cross pollination and selective breeding allowing you to be graced with marijuana seeds of the most desired traits. We offer a range of strains which are Indica dominant, Sativa dominant, hybrids, have high terpene profiles or CBD Rich allowing us to provide something that will suit your preference.

The seed banks and cannabis seed strains that we promote are specifically created for each seed bank’s target demographic.