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sage walker seeds

The leaves of these very fragrant herbs are traditionally used in stuffings especially for pork and fowl.

Sow 0.5in (1.5cm) deep. Thin seedlings to 15in (38cm) apart. Sage prefers a light well-drained soil and sunny position. The leaves can be picked throughout the year or dried – in this case pick them before the plant flowers.

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We hope you enjoy these herb seeds, just another great example of vegetable seeds from Mr Fothergill’s !

Botanical Name: Salvia officinalis

Sage walker seeds

By David Salman

Mostly perennial, this genus is widespread across the Old World parts of Europe, Asia and Africa. Many species are excellent in the xeric (low water) garden, and they grow well in a wide range of soil types, including dry clay. They grow well with at least a half day of sun, but flower best in full sun. And for pollinators, especially honeybees, catmints are an excellent source of nectar. I often joke in my presentations that “if you can’t grow catmint, you should take up another hobby.” They are a great beginner’s perennial.

Choose the Best Nepeta (Catmint) Varieties

The Catmints (Nepeta) are some of our best garden perennials, as they are long lived, very easy-to-grow, resistant to browsing animals (deer and rabbits), and they feature a profusion of color in various shades of blue. And yes, as the name suggests, cats often find them irresistible.*

Walker’s Low Nepeta (Catmint) with White Valerian (Centranthus)