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royal acdc seeds

Royal acdc seeds

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ACDC effects are mostly calming.

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Royal acdc seeds

The primary reason novices believe that ACDC is a challenge to cultivate is that it’s sensitive to nutrients. The mantra of less is more applies to ACDC, and you must feed with half-strength nutrients.

ACDC seeds contain three dominant terpenes.


Once you have certified ACDC seeds in your possession, it’s time to get cracking. Germinate your ACDC seeds with care via the paper towel method or in a peat cell. Remember, the CBD’s final concentration depends on how well you treated your ACDC seeds during the beginning of its life.

With this much ACDC at your disposal, you won’t need to restock your medicine cabinet anytime soon.

Dominant Terpenes Found in ACDC Seeds:

Some users experience an adverse reaction if they consume a significant amount of ACDC. Some adverse effects include: