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rosetta stone seeds

Rosetta stone seeds

Brothers Grimm present a new and improved version of their classic variety Rosetta Stone, recreated with new parental plants to give even more resin production and even heavier yields, all with the same mouthwatering Jack Herer flavour. These sought-after genetics are at last available in packs of 12 seeds in AlchimiaWeb’s regular seed catalog.

Remarkably easy to grow, Rosetta Stone plants are robust and develop a prominent main stem surrounded by branches of average length. It shows two main phenotypes, with 80% of plants staying stocky and compact while the rarer phenotypic expression is taller and more slender.

For a sativa-domninant hybrid, it’s very quick to flower, Rosetta Stone is ready to harvest after 60-70 days of bloom, producing fleshy and compact buds with a generous layer of resinn glands. Brothers Grimm recommend using plant supports or meshes to help take the weight of the buds.

Brothers Grimm have brought back Rosetta Stone in XX version which boasts an increased yield along with higher resin production than the original. The trade-off is a little longer flowering time but then everything comes at a price. Very easy to grow for beginners. Its genetic background is a Jack Herer female which was pollinated by a C99 pollen donor following treatment of a C99 female plant.

Rosetta Stone XX makes a great plant from which to take cuttings as these are vigorous and root easily. It develops into a large and bushy plant which have two expressions; 80% of plants are of the shorter type with the remaining 20% somewhat taller giving a clear option for either indoor or outdoor cultivation. The growth pattern is of a large central cola with plenty of well-developed side-branches whose buds grow to such a size that support will be necessary.

Flowering takes between 59 – 70 days depending on pheno-type. Rosetta Stone XX is a heavy yielding plant with between 4 – 6 ounces (110 – 165 gr) of dried bud from each 4 foot high (120 cm.) plant.