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Purple cannabis strains are some of the most beautiful you can grow. With vivid purple colours on the buds and leaves, the bag appeal is simply unmatched. Purple weed seeds for sale from MSNL. Our Purple marijuana strains produce some of the most beautiful bud on the planet. Buy the finest quality weed seeds and get them delivered direct. TOP 5 PURPLE CANNABIS SEEDS This is a hybrid of 70% Purple with a highly compact and richly resinous bud that draws the eye. The wait to enjoy its sweet herby taste may seem eternal, but

Purple Weed Seeds

Purple cannabis seeds remain popular with those growers who enjoy the added bag appeal of beautifully coloured purple/blue buds. For many growers purple weed seeds simply produce better looking buds. Some people also prefer the taste and aroma of purple weed. You can grow purple weed with feminised seeds and autoflower seeds. All our purple strains produce phenotypes with purple/blue or red hues in the buds, and some phenotypes will produce very dark colours. But some phenotypes will also be mainly green. Often, cooler temperatures in bloom can encourage the development of purple colours. We offer some of the best purple strains available today.

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Frisian Dew®

Super Skunk X Purple Star

Auto Blackberry Kush®

Blueberry X Dark hash-plant

CBD Auto Blackberry Kush®

CBD Charlotte’s Angel X Auto Blackberry Kush

Bubba Island Kush®

pre ‘98 Bubba Kush X (Grandaddy Purple x OG Kush)


Purple#1 X Skunk

Purple #1®

Purple Afghani

Frisian Duck®

Frisian Dew X DucksFoot

CBD Charlotte’s Angel®

Dutch Charlotte X Red Angel

Passion Fruit®

Sweet Pink Grapefruit X Orange Bud

Strawberry Cough®

Original Strawberry Cough


1970’s Original Blueberry

Auto Blueberry®

Blueberry X Indica autoflower

Blue Auto Mazar®

Auto Blueberry X Auto Mazar

CBD Auto Charlotte’s Angel®

CBD Charlotte’s Angel X CBD Auto Compassion Lime

What are purple weed strains seeds?

Purple weed strains are those which have been selectively bred to produce varieties that tend to show beautiful purple colours in the buds and on the leaves. The right environmental/grow room conditions can also be adapted (e.g. cool temperatures in bloom) to encourage the purple/blue colours.

Buy purple weed strains seeds online

If you’re looking to grow some cannabis seeds which will give rise to purple cannabis plants then you can choose from autoflowering cannabis seeds, photo dependent feminised seeds or photo dependent regular seeds. You can buy purple cannabis seeds online and grow them under the normal indoor/outdoor conditions. Some growers strongly prefer the unusual, eye-catching purple hues produced by these plants.

Best feminised purple cannabis seeds

Feminised cannabis seeds are a proven and reliable way to grow great quality purple cannabis strains. You can define the length of the vegetative growth period to produce plants of the right size for your grow room and you can take cuttings (clones) of the best purple weed plants.

Bubba Island Kush

Bubba Island Kush seeds often grow with dark leaves and buds. This indica strain is part of the USA special seed collection. Often noted for her dark grey appearance, she is also prone to some special displays of purple.

Frisian Dew

Frisian Dew is part of the Dutch Outdoor cannabis seed collection. She is one of the best selling outdoor seeds, tough enough to grow as far north as northern England/Denmark. She produces both green and purple phenotypes and is one of the toughest outdoor strains in the Dutch Passion seed collection.

Frisian Duck

Frisian Duck is our top recommendation for anyone needing a stealth outdoor strain. The leaves have a stabilised webbed leaf structure – very difficult to identify as cannabis especially in vegetative growth. Aroma is also light. Cool conditions encourage the growth of purple plants.

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Best autoflower purple cannabis seeds

Autoflower seeds are perhaps the fastest, easiest and most convenient way to grow purple weed. They can be ready to harvest in as little as 8-9 weeks after germination.

Auto Blackberry Kush

Auto Blackberry Kush is one of the best autoflowering cannabis seeds for purple weed lovers. She can take as little as 9 weeks from seed to harvest and the plants are particularly prone to some remarkably vivid purple colours.

CBD Auto Blackberry Kush

CBD lovers that appreciate purple weed strains look no further! CBD Auto Blackberry Kush packs up to 15% CBD in the dry buds with THC levels usually well below 1%. That means you can’t get high from this strain, but you can see some great purple buds!

Auto Blueberry

Perhaps the fastest purple weed strain you can grow. Auto Blueberry can be ready to harvest in as little as 8 weeks after autoflower seed germination. She often produces buds with purple and blue shades in the buds and combines this with a smooth, powerful connoisseur quality high.

Best regular purple cannabis seeds

Regular cannabis seeds give rise to approximately equal numbers of male and female seeds. Perfect for old school growers or those wanting to make their own purple weed crosses and hybrids.


Outdoor growers wanting regular cannabis seeds that can produce purple blooms can enjoy growing the cannabis cup winning Shaman seeds. Her parent genetics include Purple #1 so you can expect some purple phenotypes from these robust, tough outdoor seeds.


The legendary, multiple prize winning Blueberry needs few introductions. She has a powerfully pleasurable, long lasting high. The resin crusted buds have a sweet fruity taste/aroma and often come with pretty purple and blue hues in the buds.

Purple #1

Purple #1 is a perfect seed choice for the outdoor regular seed grower. These proven genetics have been best sellers with repeat growers since the 1980’s and as the name suggests, they often produce purple plants.

What causes cannabis plants to turn purple in color?

The dominant colour in cannabis is often the green-coloured chlorophyll pigment. But if the strain has reduced chlorophyll levels (for genetic or environmental reasons) then purple pigments can dominate the colour and appearance of the plant.

When does cannabis start turning purple?

Normally during bloom, especially when exposed to cooler conditions, you can see purple hues appearing on the leaves and buds

How hard it is to grow purple cannabis strains seeds?

It’s really very easy if you have some cannabis seeds which are genetically purple-leaning. Less experienced growers may find it easiest if using purple autoflower seeds such as Auto Blackberry Kush. This strain is fast, potent, purple and easy to grow!

How to increase the purple coloration of cannabis plants?

Many growers will aim to slowly introduce some cool temperatures to their plants during bloom. Do this steadily to avoid shocking the plant and stunting growth. Many growers aim to give their plants a few hours of ‘lights off’ temperatures near/around 15ºC (59ºF)

What to look for when growing purple weed strains?

Start with good quality cannabis seeds from a trustworthy supplier and try to maintain your plants in good health without over feeding or underfeeding. One of the best features of purple weed is the unbeatable bag appeal. The purple weed colours produce a fantastically attractive contrast with the thick frosting of white trichomes and orange pistils.

Purple Weed Strains

From Purple Punch to Grandaddy Purps , there are so many delicious purple strains on offer, that today’s marijuana grower is spoiled for choice. The alluring bag appeal of frosty purple bud will have even the most experienced cannasaeur drooling in anticipation. With a range of flavors and effects to experience, it’s no wonder that purple weed strains are some of the most coveted on the planet. So, make your bud stand out, and add a splash of color to your grow room.

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Purple Marijuana Strains

Purple strains have a noticeable purple coloring on the leaves, stems, and buds, with some verities even having purple trichomes. At one time, only plants grown outdoors and subjected to cooler temperatures displayed the purple color, but intensive breeding programs over the last few decades have served to emphasize this quality.

This built on natural genetic variations that gave some marijuana a natural purple tinge. This led to a resulting huge growth in purple weed on the market.

What Makes Weed Purple?

Cannabis plants turn purple because of their genetics. Not all cannabis seeds can create purple bud. Only marijuana strains high in anthocyanin, a type of flavonoid, (compounds rich in antioxidants and responsible for giving cannabis strains their pigmentation), will develop purple hues. Many strains will develop purple leaves, and as striking as this may be, it is the bud that growers are concerned with. If you want purple buds you need strains that produce purple calyxes and pistils.

Even when you grow purple weed strains, the amount of color that you see in your final crop will be strongly related to the growing conditions that you employ. LED grow lights can help bring out the color in purple cannabis strains, as will exposing your plants to a cooler growing environment during its dark cycle. Care is required when lowering the temperature, which should remain at 65-70°F. If you are fortunate to live in a location with an accommodating climate, purple marijuana can be grown outdoors. It is common for some of the purple coloring to fade during the curing process.

What Are The Best Purple Strains?

Purple Punch is the hybrid cross of two OG classics Larry OG x Grandaddy Purps – one of the most legendary purple strains around. Sweet, soothing, and high-yielding, this plant produces lots of purple bud, easily achieving 600gr/m²+. Purple Punch is naturally mold-resistant, covered in sticky trichomes, and has flavors of rich grape and berry. As the name suggests, the effects come on strong and quickly, making it a great choice to wind down with of an evening.

Grandaddy Purps is a cross of Big Bud x Purple Urkle , and is one of the most iconic purple strains. Revered by growers because it produces plenty of large eye-catching purple bud and is easy to grow. As is common with purple marijuana it produces strong Indica effects, which are great for relaxation and uplifting your mood.

Tropicana Cookies Purple is the result of crossing Tropicana Cookies and Purple Punch . The flavor is a delectable blend of classic hash and fruity dessert. This is not just purple marijuana, the bud displays a spectrum of hues from light green to yellow and of course purple, sprinkle on top a generous dusting of trichomes and you’ve got one beautiful bud. Suitable for day or night, this is as potent as purple weed strains come, packing a hefty 24% THC.

Purple Urkle has been around since the ’80’s and thanks to its potency has remained as popular as ever. Its precise origins are a bit of a mystery but it’s believed to have descended from Mendocino Purps. The flavor and aroma are in line with most purple weed strains, producing sweet smooth smoke that tastes like tropical grape. This indica dominant hybrid is a great treatment for insomnia.

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Purple Power gets its name from the mighty effects and the strain’s appearance. The buds are a deep purple color and very resinous, with THC levels in excess of 20%. Unlike many purple cannabis strains, this is a Sativa dominant hybrid. The purple power strain produces large yields, is easy to grow, and does well outdoors. A joy for the senses, its flavor and aroma are sweet and fruity with notes of blueberry.


This is a hybrid of 70% Purple with a highly compact and richly resinous bud that draws the eye. The wait to enjoy its sweet herby taste may seem eternal, but with its rich amethyst colour and brilliant shine, it will be the jewel of your garden.

It is a plant that requires little attention and grows well with small amounts of a recommended fertilizer. Over-fertilization will be clearly visible in marks on the leaves. The whole plant has a purplish tone, most notable in its resin-loaded buds.

High in THC and low in CBD, its affect is highly calming. Purple Kush´s hit is clearly Indica, giving you a relaxing buzz but without knocking you out. This plant will care for you and won´t leave you without the energy for day to day life.

Kannabia’s Purple Kush is the variety that adds the colour of wild berries to their seed bank, thanks to its contrast of rich purples and greens.

Purple Wreck from Reserva Privada

Purple Wreck Marijuana Seeds in Reserva Privada by DNA Genetics, a Dutch based seedbank offering some of the rarest genetics to be made publicly available. These cannabis seeds are absolutely the pinnacle of the cannabis geneticist art. By making their Private Reserve public the DNA Genetics company has created possibly the finest collection of pot or weed seeds in the world.

Urkel is one of California’s most sought after strain. It demands the highest price in any circle. It was crossed with the Train Wreck (T4) male. This improved the vigour of the Urkel, a notorious slow grower. The Purple Wreck has large Train Wreck buds with purple hues. The sweet fruity aroma of the Urkel dominates the cross. The Purple Wreck is short, early flowering and produces dense nugs.

Purple Bud from White Label

This is a high-potency, heavy-yielding feminized Afghani with a hint of Sativa and a strong purple tendency. Purple Bud Feminized is easy to cultivate indoors, even for beginners, and will flourish outdoors in the spring and summer of a temperate climate.

Purple Bud feminized is bred from some of the most important cannabis gene-pools in the world. Her parents and ancestors can be traced directly to the legendary Indica cultivars of Afghanistan’s Hindu Kush region, to the California medicinal marijuana scene and, naturally, to Europe’s weed-breeding epicentre, the Netherlands

Two pure Afghanica cultivars are the main influence behind Purple Bud Feminized, and are the source of this hybrid’s high potency, swift flowering, dense buds and sturdy frame. The more distant Sativa ancestor is a sought-after Jamaican variety which gives Purple Bud a little extra height and a lot of extra high to complement her body-centred Indica stone. The final stage in the breeding of our all-female Purple Bud seed-strain was to cross this 75% Afghani with a stunning Kush hybrid made from Dutch-bred Hindu Kush and a US purple Kush.

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