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purple stardawg seeds

Purple stardawg seeds

Like many of our visitors you are likely searching to Buy Kandy Seeds Feminized Stardawg Photoperiod Seeds.

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If you are looking for high quality cannabis seeds in the UK we are sure to help you out. We are the number one supplier of Stardawg seeds, Gorilla Glue #4 seeds, Grandaddy Purple seeds, Gelato Seeds and more in the UK. We provide you with some of the best genetics on earth including our very popular Stardawg.

Feminized Stardawg Seeds UK

Kandy seeds Stardawg seeds are highly stable, photoperiod seeds that can produce buds that contain THC levels exceeding 28%, when grown in the right conditions this super strain is a must.

Purple stardawg seeds

The Stardawg strain (sometimes spelled Stardog (the purple colour makes almost no difference) is one of the most well known and popular of high THC strains in the UK (and increasingly Europe & the US) . Its roots come from two ChemDawg strains which came from the Chem Dog/ Chem Dawg strains (Chem Dawg 4 & Tres Dawg) from Top Dawg Seeds in the Bay Area, California. The range of ‘Dawg’ strains out there is huge, and almost all of them are winners in their own right (Cookie Dawg, Guava Dawg and Jaffa Dawg come to mind).

What does Stardawg Look Like?

The strain itself is a sativa dominant but experiences seem to differ from user to user- while some find Stardawg an energetic, focused and social experience, others find this strain more laid back with a clear head. Most people seem to experience a nice blend of the two- with an energised buzzy head and a body low which melts away physical tension.

Aroma & Flavours

The classic Stardawg in the UK enjoys a complex, rounded and actually very enjoyable aroma which keeps you coming back. Users report experiencing something different every-time. This could be down to the who host of phenotypes available, but could equally be the complexity of the flavours.