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purple power weed seeds

Purple power weed seeds

75-90 days Relaxed Pure Sativa 400gr – 500gr p.s.m. Feminized

Introducing Southseeds Purple Power! At last, the mythical tropical Purple Haze of the 70s without being mixed and in all its magnificence is finally available for all those nostalgic lovers of the old school sativas.

In this version of Purple Power, SouthSeeds offer you a selection of purple and reddish phenotypes with a strong influence of the purple highland columbian sativas, within the genotypes of the original Haze population. Southseeds Purple Power is a must for any outdoor grower. And the price is unbeatable!!

Purple power weed seeds

We highly recommend you to try this strain. Grow Purple Power seeds and treat yourself.

Purple Power is famous for it's bright purple buds. This strain grows so many buds that the whole plant starts to glow purple when it gets ready to be harvested. Interesting about this plant is that the cooler the climate you grow them in is, the more intensely purple the buds are.

Even though this plant doesn't produce the highest of yields, it's well worth growing for it's unique qualities and uplifting, cerebral high. The high that Purple Power gives you has also been described as dreamy, and lasts a few hours before leaving your body with a relaxing feeling.

Purple Power seeds specifications

Growers info:

Very hardy plant. Survives in almost any normal/average temperature but does also very well in colder climates.

Purple Power seeds description

Purple Power was created by crossing the early flowering qualities of Dutch Dope and the award winning strain Skunk #1. This has resulted in a very potent strain with typical Sativa traits.

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