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purple marijuana grow

Purple marijuana grow

The next two pics are of the strain Frisian Dew, a popular strain by Dutch Passion, who specifically designed the strain for growing outdoors. It is exceptionally hardy, high yielding, and is also mold and pest resistant. About 50% of the time, Frisian Dew buds will turn bright purple instead of green!

Note: Some strains turn color no matter what the temperature. You can contact the breeder and ask if they have advice on how to bring out colors for a particular strain. I’ve found that most breeders will get back to you quickly if you go to their website and ask questions!

Here are the buds from that Super Purple Haze plant drying – you can see that the parts of the buds that were exposed to the light have strong hints of purple

Although color is determined primarily by genetics, there are a few things you can do to help your plant express its natural colors…

This nug contains several purple calyxes.

Peyote Gorilla

How to Maximize Color and Genetics

This Pink Kush CBD auto consistently turns purple and produces excellent high-CBD, low THC buds.

Yet there have been occasional reports of cannabis strains that produce different bud colors based on the pH at the roots.

Purple marijuana grow

You also need to pick a strain where as many parts of the plant as possible are colorful. Ideally, the plant will have pistils and calyxes with a purple color.

Another is that adding extra nitrogen to the soil will help your plants turn a deeper shade of purple. This process could lead to a color change. Unfortunately, it relates to the sickly yellow hue associated with a nutrient burn!

3 Steps to Growing Purple Cannabis

The complete comparison…

The genetics of a strain has the most significant impact on the final color. If you pick cannabis that doesn’t have a propensity to turn purple, you are wasting your time. Genetics also plays a considerable role in THC or CBD content and flavor. Here are a few good options to consider:

Is There Anything Else That Can Help Turn Cannabis Purple?

Here are the four main parts that offer colors apart from green: