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purple cane seeds

Purple cane seeds

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Purple cane seeds

Micro nutrient fertilizers :

Through STCR fertilizer prescription equations

  • Plant the setts on one side of the ridge.Sow rhizobium treated green manure seeds @ 10kg/ha on the opposite side of ridge with 10cm. Spacing on or before 3 days after planting.


Striga control in sugarcane

Irrigate the crop depending upon the need during different phases of the crop.

Provide shallow wetting with 2 to 3 cm depth of water at shorter intervals especially for sandy soil for enhancing the germination. Sprinkler irrigation is the suitable method to satisfy the requirement, during initial stages.

b. Azospirillum: Mix 12 packets (2400 g)/ha of Azospirillum inoculant or TNAU Biofert –1 with 25 kg of FYM and 25 kg soil and apply near the clumps on 30th day of planting. Repeat the same on 60th day with another 12 packets (2400 gm). Repeat the above on the other side of the crop row on the 90th day (for lift irrigated belt).

Nitrogen Saving