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pure michigan seeds

Pure michigan seeds

Shadowland Seed is a premier honey and beeswax product grower and manufacturer of hand crafted and bottled natural beeswax and honey products gifted to us by nature. Shadowland Pure Michigan Honey is a favorite item purchased at gourmet shops, country stores and farmers markets around Northern and West Michigan. We also sell tree seed and more. Visit our online store to shop now for honey , tree seed and more – click here.

Steve Redman has over years of experience in FORESTRY and BEEKEEPING and is passionate about his bees and his trees.

SHADOWLAND HONEY has been delivering honey from field to farm markets all over Michigan. Our goal is to provide the best honey in the world to our customers.

He would love to talk with you about having honey and at Farm Market near you or to suggest a market you can visit where we already have our honey. Or just as simple as can BEE, place your order in our handy online store and have your honey shipped directly from our Michigan certified honey house in White Cloud, Michigan. Click here o order online. You can also buy honey from our road side stand near the White River, just in front of our farm at 1925 E Pinehill Rd.

“My name is Stephen Redman and I have been planting trees for land owners for nearly 30 years with over 32 million trees planted on over 32,000 acres across Michigan. As I watch my children grow, along with over 1,200 acres of pines, tamaracks, and oaks I have planted for them; I feel the contentment of a legacy left.” — Sincerely, Stephan Redman

Trees are an integral part of everyone’s lives from the air we breathe to the paper and wood in our homes. There is aesthetic value to lying quietly in the coolness of the shade from your favorite tree while watching clouds drift slowly by. Some of my best writings and photography have been inspired in nature. There is great joy in watching the sun set over a newly planted field of half a million trees or standing underneath huge pines and seeing, and feeling, the power of the lightening as it crashes to the earth. ” — Steve Redman

To learn more about the timber resources and forestry services we offer please visit our Timber Resources Page – click here.

Pure michigan seeds

Insects can cross-pollinate cucumbers, melons, squash, pumpkins and gourds.

Some tomato varieties are not hybrids. They are open-pollinated types such as ‘Big Rainbow’, ‘San Marzano’ and ‘Brandywine’. Seed produced by these varieties will grow into plants very similar to the parent plants, with nearly identical fruit.

Cross-pollinated plants

When saving seed, choose open-pollinated varieties rather than hybrids. If open-pollinated varieties self-pollinate or cross-pollinate with other plants of the same variety, they set seed that grow into plants that are still very similar to the parent plant. These plants bear similar fruit and set seeds that will produce more plants that are similar.

Plants with separate male and female flowers, like corn and vine crops, may cross-pollinate. It is difficult to keep the seed strain pure.

Open-pollinated plants

Hybrid vegetable plants are products of crosses between two different varieties, combining traits of the parent plants. Sometimes a combination is particularly good, producing plants with outstanding vigor, disease resistance and productivity. Hybrid seeds are generally more expensive as they cost more to produce.