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punto rojo (tierra adentro) seeds

Buy low, sell "HIGH"

Believe at your own peril.


Thai Hill
Genetics: Thai Landrace
Region: Mae Hong Son
Strain: Thai Hill
Sourcing: Personally collected at source
Latitude: 19°N
Harvest: October/November
Height: 2 metres outdoors
Seeds: Regular
Vegetative stage: 12-15 weeks
Flowering: 15-16 weeks
Aroma: Sweet carrots and sweet tropical fruits
Taste: woody flavour with fruity and fragrant touches
Characteristics: Great vigor with large serrated leaves of 7, 9 and 11 leaflets. Intermodal spaces of 5 to 10cm

I think I will let this one pass.


After a proper 8-month cure, this batch of punto rojo is fantastic, old-school smoke. PR #5 was my keeper with sexual stability, beautiful red pistils, pungent hazy aromas and great, energetic sativa effect, all at the cost of long flowering (20 weeks) and wispy buds and low yield. I grew out a clone of #5 that was hit with some Colombian gold pollen from 1978 seed stock, as well as some punto rojo pollen from CBG seed stock. I’m currently vegging the TLT PR x ’78 CG now; it’ll be interesting to see what the nearly extinct 40-year-old genetics bring to this Colombian mashup.

Punto rojo (tierra adentro) seeds

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