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pros and cons of growing weed

Pros and cons of growing weed

Make sure to give yourself enough time to harvest your beautiful buds

Charging $280/ounce for weed is downright unethical when it costs so little to grow

This is why we grow. Growing your own supply gives you unlimited buds in whatever strain you choose. Once you get the hang of growing, your cupboards will be overflowing with jars of weed and you’ll have to find something to do with it all. On top of the quantity, home growing gives you much greater strain choice than a dispensary or the black market. Growers are also able to choose the growing methods that produce the type of bud effects desired (speedy, creative, couchlock, narcotic, psychedelic, etc.). If you enjoy weed on a regular basis, growing opens up a new world of possibilities for you. Learn about getting access to the latest American-bred genetics.

4.) No big trips in next four months

After you’ve gained some experience with your growing setup, you won’t need to pay such close attention, but especially during your first grow, your plants are most likely to thrive if you can check on them every day.

This grower made a secret grow room entrance out of a bookcase

1.) Want to pay $20/ounce for weed

The total amount of time needed is heavily dependent on the strain/genetics. Some strains might need longer than 4 months, while auto-flowering strains are usually ready to harvest around 3 months from germination.

I grew my first plants in a closet (circa 2008) with mylar taped to the walls for extra reflection

Pros and cons of growing weed

Drainage backups are also possible if growers flush soil or plant debris down toilets in large volumes. There have also been cases in which growing lights have sparked fires.

The beauty of growing your own cannabis is that there are several ways to go about doing so. You can also choose your preferred methods for growing and dictate the effort you want to put into the growing process. It all depends on how much you care about growing high-quality buds.

We highly recommend SuperCloset as a solution for those looking to grow at home on a larger scale than a self-contained smart cabinet would permit. SuperCloset has a wide variety of indoor grow solutions ranging from a handful of plants to multiple dozens.

If you suffer from common ailments that cannabis can alleviate, such as chronic pain, multiple sclerosis, depression, insomnia, anxiety, PTSD, or even cancer then having your own independent source of medicine is a great reason to look into growing at home.

Security Concerns

For more ambitious growers who would like to grow cannabis on a larger scale, growing in a greenhouse or a large indoor room like a basement is another option.

For example, you can grow up to six plants at home in California and Colorado, but only four in Oregon. And in Illinois, you need to be a medical marijuana patient (versus recreational) to legally grow your own.

Whether you decide to grow one plant or several, one of the biggest decisions you’ll have to make is whether to grow them indoors or outdoors.

You’ve Always Wanted to Try It

If you already know a thing or two about the magical herb then a less automated, less “connected” solution might be for you.

Meanwhile, indoor cannabis operations should be concerned with potential property damage. Indoor irrigation systems can create large amounts of moisture that can lead to mold in walls and ceilings.

Pros and cons of growing weed

Cannabis License Experts offers support from day one of starting your cannabis business, including strategic planning, floor plan preparation, site audits, SOPs, and more.

Indoor Grow

How we can help you

Outdoor Grow

At Cannabis License Experts, we provide you with the guidance to plan your indoor or outdoor cannabis business, acquire funding, navigate the legal requirements, and acquire the appropriate licence for your operations. As the Canadian cannabis industry develops, more and more licensed producers will be needed to meet the demands of consumers.

Our Edibles Compliance division can provide you with a solid plan for your edibles business to help get your products on store shelves.

Indoor grow or outdoor grow – which one should I use for my cannabis business? This question certainly comes up frequently in the cannabis industry and often provokes a debate amongst professionals and subject matter experts. When it comes to cannabis, there’s no such thing as the “best” way to grow. There are many factors that play a role in which growing method you prefer, and consumers will often choose a particular product based on their own preference or desired experience. So, you may be wondering what some of the pros and cons of indoor grows vs. outdoors grows are. Well, look no further – Cannabis License Experts is here to break it down for you.

As you can see above, each type of grow has its pros and cons. Both a personal and business decision should be made when it comes to choosing between indoor grow vs. outdoor grow. Ultimately, no matter what kind of grow you choose, it’s important to stay informed and educated and have a solid plan in place so that your cannabis business can succeed!

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