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project blue book seeds

Project blue book seeds

3C Project Blue Book is like a more sophisticated Blue Dream; it’s sativa in nature, although backed by a serene body high. This sativa heavy hybrid is a spin-off of Blue Dream and 3C Majestic 12. Both potent strains mixture completely to prepare build a clear, focused, and pacifying experience. Its name comes from a series of systematic research associated with UFOs conducted by the United States. Light green colas carry the taste profile and odor of roses and also a freshly peeled orange, tickling palate because the mind high ascends.

When smoked or converted into an edible form, the flavor of the Project Blue Book strain is best described as Sweet, Earthy, and Flowery.

Strain Flavor

Despite its name, which is derived from an actual program that studies UFO reports, Project Blue Book is actually a quite mellow and balanced cannabis strain. First it tends to stimulate, thanks to its sativa properties, then it provides a healthy dose of indica relaxtion to finish. The strain comes in between fourteen and twenty percent THC concentration, and it was first developed as a cross between Blue Dream and 3C Majestic 12.

Project Blue Book doesn’t waste any time, with a high that is considered fast acting. After an initial head rush, users may experience flushed cheeks and an increase in saliva production. Thoughts will start developing more rapidly, with new associations and connections being drawn. This makes Project Blue Book a great strain for getting some analytical items checked off of the to do list, or brainstorming creative ideas for a project. As the high continues, the increased energy will start to turn into relaxation, allowing the body to wind down while the mind remains active. Project Blue Book is frequently utilized for late afternoon or early evening use.


Popular with lovers of indica and sativa, Project Blue Book is a well balanced cannabis strain that will stimulate the mind while soothing the body.

Medically speaking, Project Blue Book can be a great choice at managing stress or depression, and even increasing focus. It can also reduce physical pains like indigestion or headaches.