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pokie seeds

Growing Instructions (for USDA Zone 5b):

Cilantro is an annual plant that produces tasty leaves and then will bolt to produce flowers and coriander seed. Cilantro can be transplanted but is best direct sown when soil is >55 ° around May 8th. Days to germination: 5-10. For a constant supply of cilantro, sow new seeds every 2 weeks. Sow as late as Aug. 31st for fall harvests. Handles light frost.

Seed Saving Instructions (for gardeners):

Harvest individual leaves or cut entire plant with scissors 1-2″ above soil level so you don’t damage the growing crown. Plants will re – grow.

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Don’t stress if you don’t immediately feel any results from your first tokes of Pokie–this strain can take up to a quarter of an hour to start to reveal itself. You might start to feel pulsing around your temples and eyes or feel flushed or parched. You may even notice a small increase in the speed at which ideas pop into your brain. If you are partaking in Pokie during a gathering with other people, you may feel more apt to start or join conversations or to participate in a brainstorming session.

Fans of indica who are looking for a relaxing, productive and social evening should not sleep on Pokie!

After the chatty phase fades, Pokie will develop into a deeply relaxing body high, through which conversation will still be possible, but productivity may decline. For this reason, Pokie consumption tends to be recommended in the late afternoon or in the evening.


Believe it or not, Pokie is a cannabis strain and not a dish featuring raw fish. This indica-dominant hybrid is one relaxing strain that is descended from Juicy Fruit, Sweet Tooth, Pure Kush and LA Confidential.

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Medically speaking, Pokie can successfully treat a number of different issues, including attention deficit disorders, anxiety, stress, and even depression. For those suffering from pain throughout the body, Pokie has been known to help relieve chronic or short term injuries and in aiding people with insomnia with the ability to sleep soundly.

Pokie seeds

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