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pineapple zest seeds

Pineapple zest seeds

This will be the first of many chilled, refreshing drinks that I’ll be sharing with you guys over the next few months. I thought I’ll start with this, since this pineapple chia fresca is a really refreshing and healthy summer drink, with fresh pineapple flavor, a hint of vanilla and lime, and a generous dose of chia seeds!

For this vanilla pineapple chia fresca, you could just as easily substitute the chia seeds with basil seeds for a sweet pineapple basil seed drink. Sometimes I use both for the best of both worlds.

The difference between unsoaked basil and chia seeds. Basil seeds are black in color, while chia seeds are brown and mottled.

Chia seeds are quite similar. They too become gelatinous and chewy when soaked in water, but that jelly layer isn’t as thick as with basil seeds. The nutritional value of these two types of seed are also different. Chia is known to be the more nutritious of the two.

The difference between soaked chia and basil seeds

I was obsessed with basil seeds (also known as tukmaria, sabja or kasa kasaa) when I was young, thanks to this addictive Sri Lankan dessert drink called falooda. The basil seeds form a delightful gelatinous layer when soaked in water, and I’d add them to my drinking water all the time. I loved that chewy texture, which a lot of people found to be weird!

Pineapple zest seeds

First there was cow leather, then plastic leather: now we are wearing pineapple leather.

Clothing made from the wine and juice industry’s leftovers offers a high street alternative for vegans

In an effort to appeal to vegans and environmentalists, manufacturers have begun experimenting with leather alternatives made of leftovers from the wine and fruit juice-making process. Leaves, skins, stalks and seeds are being dried, milled, chemically treated and rolled into faux leather felt.


Handbags and dresses made from fruit also including mangos, apples and grapes are being sold by designers and high street brands including H&M and Selfridges.