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pie crust seeds

Pie crust seeds

If you want something to satisfy your paleo cravings for pies, this is your ticket. I used deluxe mixed nuts from the local bulk store, unsalted and unroasted. It was a mix of pistachios, peanuts, walnuts, almonds, and Brazil nuts. I put my crust mix into a square tart tin to make cheesecake. I prebaked the crust for 10 minutes to set it before filling it. It held up really well, and I can’t wait to try it again. I know I’ll be making it in the future, and I want to see how it does with brown rice syrup as the binder in place of dates.

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Paleo Pie Crust Variations

Thank you for this recipe and all who have added their thoughts and experience. It is with confidence now that I will go forward to give it a try for our upcoming family gathering!

I’m trying to find a flour-free “playdoh” recipe, do you think the raw/uncooked crust dough would work as good base for this project? Thanks.

Vegan, Gluten-Free, and Paleo Pie Crust

Loved this recipe! So easy and delicious. With Canadian Thanksgiving at the time of this recipe testing, I decided to give this paleo pie crust a try for pumpkin pie. What I really like about this recipe is the versatility and customization. You can use any combination of nuts and seeds. I love pecans, walnuts, and Brazil nuts, so I used those and since I was making pumpkin pie I added some pumpkin seeds as well for a total 1 1/2 cups. For the sweetener I used about 8 Medjool dates. I also added 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon, a pinch freshly grated nutmeg, salt, and vanilla. Everything came together very easily in the food processor. At first I used the pulse function and then just let the machine run a couple of minutes. When I tried pressing the mixture together to check for how well it binded, my mixture was a bit more on the dry side so I added another date and that worked. Pressing the crumble into the pie pan was easy. I started working at the sides and then pressed in the middle. At first I used my hands, but then used the back of a spoon to get a smooth, even surface. I poured in the pumpkin pie mixture and baked it. Unfortunately, the exposed crust burnt in the baking process. I guess the fat from the nuts and sugar from the dates contributed to this and I never thought it would be an isssue. But now that I have experienced this, I will cover the crust midway with aluminum foil in the future. The nuttiness of the crust went very well with the pumpkin pie and having a non-grain crust option was great! I can’t wait to try this crust with an crumble fruit pie. I think apples will be next!

Pie crust seeds

Give everything a good mix…

3 Ingredient Pie Crust

then remove the top layer of parchment paper and flip the dough + tin over.


And then you have your dough!