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pictures of marijuana plants growing

Pictures of marijuana plants growing

If your child is using marijuana, you may be likely to find rolled joints of marijuana cigarettes. You may also find rolling papers. Your child may claim that these are hand-rolled tobacco cigarettes, which would also be a concern.

You may also find larger quantities of marijuana in a plastic zip-lock bag. You might find smaller plastic bags with residue inside. This can trigger concerns that your child is transporting or selling marijuana rather than obtaining it for personal use.

Marijuana Joints

You may find a small amount of marijuana your child has acquired for personal use to smoke. It is probably readily available in your community.

It may be that your child has experimented with marijuana use or tried it a couple of times with their friends. That happens a lot more these days than it may have happened when you were in school.

Plastic Bag Full of Marijuana

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Pictures of marijuana plants growing

We had to start with this one! It showcases the very beginning of a cannabis plant's life, when the first cotyledon leaves have burst from the shell and are experiencing the outside world for the first time!

As you stated in a previous article, Autos are more stressful to grow. But, for me it is worth it, as I ended up doing an open grow due to my high temp issues. And, I didn't have to ever change my 18/6 timer, or worry about light leakage etc.

Although the performance of both lights are good, I prefer the A-51's as they run cooler, quieter, and are much easier to manipulate.