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pickens mtn. purple seeds

Pickens mtn. purple seeds

Basswood/Linden, Tilia americana – Nectar plant, larval plant for Red-Spotted Purple and Mourning Cloak, seeds eaten by squirrels.

Green and Gold, Chrysogonum virginianum

Atamasco Lily, Zephyranthese atamasco

Pickens mtn. purple seeds

Pickens Mountain Cannabis Farm is the largest, legal, completely off grid cannabis farm in the United States and located in Washington State. Pickens Mountain Cannabis Farm is licensed by the State of Washington and operating under the I502 recreational cannabis licensing rules and regulations. Washington States finest sungrown , pesticide free cannabis and concentrates. Please follow my blog to keep up with everything Pickens Mountain Cannabis related. I will be posting detailed information and pictures from the farm and the processing center showing the entire grow process from start to finish and the processing and extraction of the highest grade cannabis concentrates.