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peach kush seeds

Oregon Peach Marijuana Seeds is an indica-dominant cannabis strain with high THC at 18%. This is a small plant growing from 60 to 100 cm tall. It flowers fast in just 8 to 10 weeks, and thus, you’ll get your peach-flavored buds in the least time. This strain is energetic, euphoric, relaxed, and focused ideal for stress, anxiety, arthritis, and depression.

More About Oregon Peach (fem)

Blissfulness in the Mind and Body

Developed by combining the power of Oregon Afghani and Secret strain, Oregon Peach feminized in an Indica-dominant plant popular because of its delicious scent and a taste of peach. How you would expect from an Indica-leaning plant, this strain offers a balanced high with a fair distribution of pain-alleviating and relaxation characteristics.


Up to 23% indoor | Up to 18-25% outdoor

Aside from being an excellent choice for producing CBD-rich biomass, farmers selling this as cured CBD-flower will experience high demand from the booming trimmed flower market. This grade “A” flower is a fast seller and is also excellent for Full Spectrum CBD oil extraction.

This is our third year working with this variety. During the first year we field tested mother stock, and after selecting the best performing varieties from our study, we began breeding work. Its based off the T1 or #5 line, which was originally (Cherry x Cherry) The second year we did indoor and outdoor test runs of our new feminized varieties and this variety is the one that stood out and we knew it would undoubtedly give our partners the best opportunity for success – and we were right!

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The nose on this beauty is absolutely outstanding. It has a hearty backbone of freshly opened tennis balls, with hints of over ripened peaches and a mist of mint hookah to balance out the mix

8 Weeks

T1 x T1