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pc case weed grow box

Pc case weed grow box

If you want to make sure that your cannabis plants will be hidden enough away from judgments from other people, then this type of grow case is an alternative. Aside from that its small, this type of grow case is not readily noticeable. It’s very well kept inside your house without anyone suspecting that its cannabis plants. Nevertheless, you could easily say that it’s part of the house’s decoration.

Aside from that, it is important to know the probable length of your cannabis plants from its vegetative to flowering stage. Most indoor growers use specific strains based on its genetics to predict the height of the plant. Nevertheless, it is recommended to plant indica and auto-flowering strains to ensure that they won’t be really tall. For starters, most growers choose auto-flowering strains since these plants do not need much light to grow and flowers readily.

Planting Stealthily

In this article, we will take our study into PC Case Grow Rooms as an option for growing cannabis garden. Likewise, we will look at the process of building this type of grow rooms.

This part of the process is divided into multiple sections to consider some parameters as needed for growing cannabis plants.

Planting Auto-flowering or Indica Strains

Figure out first what type of grow lights and its wattage that you’ll install into your PC case. The wattage will determine how much light and heat that will be exposed to the cannabis plants. Nonetheless, most growers consider on use LED grow lights at 10 watts or HPS to induce a variety of wavelength as needed by the plants on particular periods. As for the number of lights, most people recommended three to four depending on how many lights you have.

i yielded 20 grams dry of mids last time around. here that goes for approx 60 bux, which isn’t at all bad, considering i enjoyed the experience and got some decent bud from bagseed.

They are definitely not for the serious smoker, that is for sure. The most I ever saw someone get from a single plant in a PC box was just over an ounce. That’s 10 days worth of meds for me, lol.

It would be a great way to test certain conditions at scale.


There are some pretty big PC cases these days..plenty of fans on those things..water cooling sometimes

But if you’re trying to grow pot illegally in your parents house without them knowing (grow up), then I guess this might be a good option. Though buying them online is a waste of money, as you can build one yourself for about $100.

first time i grew in the PC case the plant reached the light, it burned the bud, it hermied, and i didn’t have any real smokeable bud. it’s a trip keeping the plant small.


it’s also a money saver cuz 3 26 watt bulbs is more than enough light. super tight internodal growth, and the smaller pots make the thing look like a bonsai. the buds are nice and compact, and the lack of potency comes from the fact that it’s always bagseed with me.

I guess it would be limited to your imagination.