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paradise waits seeds

Paradise waits seeds

Paradise Seeds reviews mostly feature customers who are extremely pleased to have found a seed breeder with excellent germination rates, a nice selection of strains for a variety of tastes and growing conditions, and truly high-quality seeds. The seed bank has developed quite a following with its reliable, high-potency, fat bud-producing strains.

Paradise Seeds ships throughout all of Europe, but sadly for those outside of the EU, it only ships to select non-European countries…and the U.S. is not among them. The customer service team asks that you email them in advance to find out if seeds can be shipped to your country. When you place an order, you’ll receive a confirmation to let you know whether or not your order can be processed and shipped to your location.

You can catch the Paradise Seeds team at events such as Cultiva, Cannafest, Canapa Mundi – the International Cannabis Fair of Rome, the Indica Sativa Trade Show in Bologna, and many more. As a top medical cannabis seed breeder, you can also find them at events such as Expomede Weed that are focused on the medical sector of the cannabis industry.

Product Quality

Paradise Seeds @ Cultiva 2018

One sign of a truly reputable seed bank is the ability to easily get in touch with their customer service team, and Paradise Seeds makes it a snap to reach their representatives via multiple channels. Their contact page features their phone number, email address, and their shop address (should you happen to be in Amsterdam). There is also a contact form you can fill out in order to wait for a response.

Shopping Experience

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While there may not be the huge seed selection at Paradise that you’ll find at some of the huge cannabis seed emporiums, you can rest assured that if you find a strain you love today, you can buy it again months or even years down the road and still enjoy the same consistent quality.

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Make sure to eat something before puffing up this Kush or youll pass out

I had seen this a lot on leafly before deciding to try it out. I wasnt disappointed in the least. I especially loved the aroma and taste. It had a nice, cheesy texture as well

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