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papaya hills seeds

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Papaya hills seeds

A papaya contains numerous seeds that you can plant to grow your own papaya trees. Simply scoop them out, rinse them off, and let them dry on a paper towel. Germination will be improved if you remove the fleshy material around each seed. If you are eager to start your trees right away, you will have to treat them as houseplants until spring. Very young papaya trees would be too tender to survive a typical winter here.

If you decide to wait until spring, you can sow the seeds directly into the garden, but you must wait until the soil is thoroughly warmed. When it’s time to plant corn or melon seeds, it’s time to plant papaya seeds. If you plant too soon, the seeds may take months to germinate, or they may not germinate at all. Your papaya plants will best survive possible cold winter nights if they are growing against a south or west-facing wall. During the day, the wall will absorb the heat from the sun and slowly release it after the sun goes down and the night temperatures drop.

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You can plant several seeds together in a six-inch pot filled with commercial potting soil. Cover the seeds with about one-quarter inch of the potting soil and water thoroughly. Place the pot on a waterproof heating pad set on low, to provide the soil warmth (85 degrees) papaya seeds need to germinate. Make sure that the soil does not dry out, but don’t over-water either. The seeds germinate in about two weeks. Shift seedlings to larger containers, if they become crowded. I like to keep papaya trees growing in small groups as their large palmate leaves look so tropical, but you may want to separate yours into individual pots.

Q. A friend gave me a division of a jade plant growing in her garden. Mine has grown in a pot on my covered patio all year but it has never bloomed. Does it need some special fertilizer to make it bloom?