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papaya cake seeds

Papaya cake seeds

Papaya Cake’s sweet and creamy aroma and flavor make it a great strain for cannabis extraction. Processors can create terpene-rich concentrates using fresh-frozen material to capture the strain’s peak trichome maturity for better flavor and aroma.

Papaya Cake cannabis products include the following:

Papaya Cake has a subtle but sweet aroma with notes of citrus, skunk, and wood to create a complex bouquet of scents. Expect an earthy and musky fruity flavor with a creamy finish on the inhale, similar to the taste of a cantaloupe melon.

Most of the cannabis-related myths have been dispelled, although some in the older community were subjected to immense amounts of negative propaganda claiming cannabis was harmful to their mind and body.

Papaya Cake Strain Price

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Papaya Cake’s most commonly found terpenes include:

Yields differ depending on various factors that can include watering too much or too little. Other factors can be as small as how close the lights are to the plants that you are growing indoors. Getting the help of a professional cannabis grower can be important, especially when investing a good amount of money into a crop.

Papaya Cake Cannabis Products

Feelings: Happy, Uplifted, Euphoric

Sol Genetics crossed Papaya Cake with Don Mega to produce this high-yielding and medium-sized plant. It has a flowering time of 53-63 days.

Anyone encountering Papaya marijuana for the first time is taken aback by just how closely it resembles the aroma and flavor of the fruit it is named after. A burst of sweetness and mango, with a hint of earth and skunk when burned to temper its tropical nature. Smoke it, you’ll notice the same, although it finishes with a touch of pepper and other exotic herbs.

Papaya marijuana plants can feature anywhere between 15% and 25% THC, obviously a benefit for recreational consumers, but patients have found Papaya to have its own medicinal value: it’s successfully been employed to control symptoms of stress and depression, as well as chronic pain, and sleeplessness in insomniacs (despite getting the creative juices flowing, it is highly sedative and an excellent option for evening and nighttime use).

The flavor of Papaya marijuana belies its potency – a fact that those with little to no experience toking weed should be aware of.

Strongly redolent of the fruit for which it bears the name, Papaya marijuana is a powerful mind and body high that will induce a happy euphoria and heightened energy in the consumer, along with a creative focus that allows you to feel productive yet calm. Drawing heavily on its indica heritage, there is a body-lock sensation that can lead to lethargy, couch-lock, and a serious case of the munchies.


Not every cannabis strain tastes and smells as good as its name, but Papaya marijuana is a potent example of terpenes at their absolute best – fruity delicious with a sky high THC content for both medicinal and recreational consumers.

Gardeners with any experience level will find success cultivating Papaya marijuana at home, and it’s important to note that a strain like Papaya does best in a controlled environment, though it will thrive in a warm, humid climate if you plan to pop it in the ground. It’s relatively resistant to mold and mildew and stays short, like most indica strains. Screen of Green or hydroponics should increase its yield. The flowering stage will last around eight to nine weeks, and harvest will bring a moderate to above average yield of dense and fruity aromatic nugs.