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panama red seeds

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As its name clearly indicates, the Panama Red is an authentic landrace strain that was first developed in Panama, and has almost become extinct. You’d have to be immensely lucky to find 100% pure Panama Red seeds. Some breeders and seed banks sell hybrids that are crossed with ‘skunk’ or ‘white widow’.

Panama D.C. Regular Seeds

Outdoors, the crop is ready to be harvested towards the end of October when you’ll have 16 ounces of buds to collect from every plant.

Anesia Seeds offers this exclusive version of Panama Red at Seed City for an affordable price. Known for developing professional breeding practices and high-quality seeds, Anesia is a top seed bank. Famous in the 1960s and 1970s, Panama Red was well-loved by hippies as a top-tier strain. These seeds have a robust history, and Anesia Seeds extends the Panama Red story into the current age. The rare sativa seeds are the perfect addition to any collector’s kit.

Calling all collectors – Panama Red cannabis seeds are available at Seed City! Panama Red is a strain with incredible benefits and beautiful buds. The time-tested strain is a delicious trip down memory lane as an original landrace sativa originating in Panama. Seed collectors everywhere turn to Seed City for the best versions of their favorite items, including these premium Panama Red seeds.

Panama Red Cannabis Seeds

Panama Red produces long buds with a reddish-brown color, creating a vibrant rainbow. The high delivered from Panama Red is famously long-lasting, trippy, and satisfactory. The smoke produces a powerful mental high without any body effects. For a psychedelic experience, this pure sativa sits above the rest. Users enjoy it for creativity, intimacy, stress, and anxiety. Its known for producing high percentages of THC and a candy-lemon terpene profile.

No other cannabis seed bank does it like Seed City. Here, trusted breeders worldwide send their finest products for Seed City to distribute to collectors. From up-and-coming breeders to ones that have been in the industry for decades, collectors can find all the best brands in one place. The site focuses on high-quality genetics, trusted breeders, and customer satisfaction for the most extensive blend of cannabis seeds. Seed City is an authorized retailer for numerous reputable cannabis seed brands.

Cannabis Strain Potency

Yep, you guessed it, Panama Red does indeed come from Panama. This strain is considered an old-school marijuana classic as it’s been around for ages but has gradually decreased in popularity over time. Panama Red marijuana seeds reached their peak in popularity in the late 1960’s for being a pure sativa. Two adjectives to describe this marijuana strain are quick and intense — a little goes a long way with this stuff. Beginners and those with a low tolerance should enjoy Panama Red in smaller doses as the effects can sometimes be psychedelic.

Harkening from its namesake country, Panama Red is a classic strain that’s proud in its pure sativa roots. Looking for a psychadelic hit? Try this one on for size, but beware it’s potency! It takes awhile to cultivate, but just a little bit will leave you alert and creative.


If that’s what you’re going for, then, by all means, smoke away! But if you’re looking for just a hint of energy and mental function, smoke moderately and in lower quantities. A pure sativa strain means you’ll feel most, if not all, of the effects in your head. You may feel more awake, alert, and creative, making this an ideal daytime smoke. Too much of Panama Red before bed may result in rocky sleep patterns as your brain will be running on high at full-steam ahead!

Part of the reason Panama Red got overshadowed by other pure sativas is because of its slower flowering time of roughly 11 weeks. Growers realized they could get the same effects from other strains that flowered a lot quicker. And so, they left Panama Red marijuana seeds behind. That being said, this powerful sativa should not be overlooked any longer.