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otto #1 seeds

Mr. Holmes developed this seed at the request of a medical researcher on Oahu, Hawaii. The request was for replicable high CBD expression from a gender-stable seed. With the help of their friends at Full Spectrum Labs in Denver, Colorado they have produced Otto #1. .

Centennial Seeds – Otto #1 – Regular Cannabis Seeds

Otto #1 produces three gross chemotypes, each expressing varying ratios of CBD to THC, some as high as 27:1. Chemotypes have tested as high as 11.4% CBD-A with corresponding THC-A of <0.40%. Other chemotypes testing with CBD:THC ratios closer to 2:1 are present in this seed lot as well. Aproximately 28% of plants expressed low CBD (< 0.18%).

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The flowering time of Otto #1 remains fairly consistent, with these ladies typically being ready for harvest after around 9 or 9.5 weeks. Sometimes 10 weeks is required for them to fully complete this cycle. The breeder recommends cultivating these ladies in soil and feeding moderate amounts of nutrients. The yield is somewhat low, however, that isn’t too surprising, considering this is a strain which concentrates the majority of its energy on producing quality, medicinal buds. These ladies also have a relatively high calyx-to-leaf ratio, which will make harvesting that much simpler. Enjoy Otto #1 wherever it can be found.

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