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oreo cake seeds

Come on, who dosn’t like ice cream? The aroma of Cookies And Cream marijuana seeds smells exactly like the sweet treat with notes of vanilla. The high of this strain feels focused, productive, optimistic, and cheerful. Perfect smoke for a day at the office.

Come on, who doesn’t like ice cream? We’re willing to bet that the Cookies And Cream flavor was everyone’s favorite for some period in their life. But now that we’re all a little older, we’d like to introduce a different kind of Cookies And Cream—the marijuana kind. Cookies And Cream marijuana seeds provide an uplifting high that’s ideal for morning or daytime use. This strain can open your mind to new thoughts and ideas whenever you feel like you’re stuck in a mental funk (we’ve all been there).


The experience of Cookies And Cream is clarifying, cerebral, focused, and optimistic. This would be an ideal strain to smoke before school or a class, or heading into the office. Why? You may find that you do some of your best work under the ‘Cookies And Cream’ high. As you might expect from the name, Cookies And Cream marijuana seeds come with a deliciously sweet vanilla flavor that rings true to the ice cream flavor itself. It’s no wonder that people consider Cookies And Cream one of the best-smelling marijuana strains currently on the market. The flavor is much more mellow than the aroma itself, so you don’t have to worry about sugar overload if you don’t have a sweet-tooth.

Oreo cake seeds

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