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one to one seeds

Breeder : CBD Seeds
Origin : Sativa/Indica hybrid
Availability : Packs of 1, 3, 6 & 10 Feminized seeds
Seed Types : 100% Feminized Cannabis Seeds
Flowering / Harvest time : Medium – 8 weeks
Yield : Medium – High Yield
THC / CBD / CBN : 1:1 ratio THC / CBD content

In merely eight (8) weeks havesting, these types of One to One Feminized Medical Cannabis Seeds generate extraordinary quantities of the highest quality Medical Cannabis which is able to satisfy any who wishes to be in control of their own medications. And in keeping with this kind of stability of Indica and Sativa consistent and dependable variety, One to One feminized medical cannabis seeds have the capacity to remedy just about any illness helping you to feel new and upbeat.

As is true of all the high producing CBD Seeds we provide right here through the Original Sensible Seeds Bank, One to One Feminized Medical Cannabis Seeds are generally designed with the Medical consumer taken into consideration. As the name, One to One, demonstrates this tiny beauty comes complete with a basically identical equilibrium of THC and CBD content that makes certain that, together with all the kick of the THC, also comes an identical CBD quality giving you the highest possible curative care devoid of the exposure to overwhelming psychoactive levels.

One to one seeds

I want to buy and do not know how to send the sellers.

In CBD Seeds we carefully follow the latest medical and scientific studies about cannabis, which is why we focus our projects in developing specific products like this one. Recent advances concerning the study of genes responsible for synthesis plant cannabinoids have to elucidate which crossbreeds and hybrids produce a particular chemo type. Enjoy our variety One to One seeds.

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One to One Cannabis Seed Stats

Excellent service all round , my first order. On time , discretely packaged , free stickers , hemp r.

Was a fantastic service , quick delivery and very discreet,really happy with my order.