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og dragonfly seeds

Og dragonfly seeds

The plant develops a typical structure with thin leaves, a lot of dense green buds and long sticky colas coated with mass of resin. The strain showcases purple hues at the end of blooming.

The smoke brings a long-lasting potent effect that increases one’s appetite for music, food and socializing. The flavors contains notes of sweet fruit and sour candy. DragonFly is a medicine for stress that keeps you alert and clear-headed at the same time.

DragonFly is an indica dominant plant with top quality yields. This is perfect balance of purity, strength and purpose that makes it the best true Medical Marijuana.

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Og dragonfly seeds

Existing Products

Dragonfly Biosciences was incorporated on 29 June 2017 and is a premium retailer of cannabidiol (CBD) oil. Through its extensive research and development, Dragonfly controls the process from seed to sale, with the aim of producing the highest and most consistent product quality. Dragonfly currently offers a range of CBD health and lifestyle products.

These products are sold directly through the Dragonfly proprietary website shopping portal. The products are also available in several well-known retailers across the UK including Tesco, Boots Pharmacies, Sainsbury’s and Harrods.

Business Model

A key goal is to tackle pain and mental health industries with alternative plant-based CBD oil medicines and therapies. Their vision is to provide consumers with high-quality, affordable and trusted CBD wellness products by providing the entire production chain, from seed to shelf.

Dragonfly aims to expand its business and product range in line with legislative changes in Europe, the USA and Australia. As demand grows for CBD health supplements, Dragonfly seeks to be the go-to producer and supplier of CBD for both businesses and consumers.

Dragonfly has received awards such as:


Dragonfly tests the seeds prior to planting in their organically certified soil, with further testing of the plants during growth and at harvest. Dragonfly tests its products throughout the extraction process. Strict testing procedures guarantee dragonfly products are pure and safe.

Locally, 3.24 million Australians were living with chronic pain in 2018 of which 53.8% are women and 68.3% of working age. Estimates of the economic burden on society do not do justice to the reduced quality of life experienced by those suffering from chronic pain.