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nutrients for growing hydroponic weed

Nutrients for growing hydroponic weed

Other than that, soil nutrients have high amounts of phosphorus and low nitrogen which definitely aren’t suitable when it comes to growing cannabis in a hydroponic setup.

Save Money – No Tent Needed

Potassium adds weight to the buds while phosphorus is responsible for increasing the number of flowers in the plant.

The advantages of growing marijuana indoors are many. One of the most important factors is the ability to control the environment. Hydroponics help give complete control of lighting, water, and air-flow. This allows the plant to prosper and grow in a manner that is otherwise difficult in outdoor circumstances.

Different Stages Of Growth

There are two main stages of cannabis growth, vegetative and flowering. Both of these stages require different NPK ratios.

In a soil-based system, these solids are broken down by the soil and nutrients are provided to the plants, whereas in a hydroponic system, nutrients and micronutrients have to be fed directly to the plants.

Hydroponic nutrients are solution-based and are administered to cannabis plants through the water. Administering hydroponic nutrients is about balance and science. In a hydroponic setup, one cannot just wing it. Since the purpose of growing weed or cannabis is usually commercial, there’s a huge financial investment involved.

Best Hydroponic Nutrients for Weed

Adding too much nitrogen affects the development of buds and is also responsible for giving them a strange taste. When the plant starts to enter the flowering stage, that’s when the buds start to form.

Obtaining the right balance is crucial for growth and achieving a good harvest. The label on hydroponic nutrients is written as N-P-K and can read 10-5-5 for example. This indicates that the solution has 10% Nitrogen, 5% Phosphorous, and 5% Potassium.

Nutrients for growing hydroponic weed

A quick internet search will show that there are countless types of hydroponic nutrients available for sale, so which ones are the best? Let’s take a look at our top 10!

#2 – Humboldts Secret Best Plant Food for Plants

Not only is this nutrient blend great for new plants but it’s also designed to bring sick and dying crops back to health. Manufacturers warn that its strong odor shouldn’t keep you from using it, as it’s an incredible item for all growers. Humboldts Secret comes in a wide range of sizes, with a 32-ounce jug priced at $90.00.

#4 – Roots Organics Buddha Grow

Whether you’re in the cannabis cultivation business for your own personal stash or if you’re a commercial operation that’s selling to others, you can’t afford to not use Big Bud Liquid Fertilizer by Advanced Nutrients. While most hydroponic nutrients out there focus on supporting root growth and keeping plants generally healthy, this formulation does so much more. The claim to fame, as one can see in its name, is that yields will be larger, buds will be bigger, and aromas will be stronger.