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nuken seeds

The strain’s physical high, on the other hand, is described as a relaxing sensation that isn’t entirely sedative but can make users sleepy and keep them glued to the couch, especially at higher doses. Nuken weed is an excellent evening strain due to its strong Indica effect.

The THC content of the strain is currently estimated to be between 13 and 25 percent. Some sources, however, claim that its THC levels can reach as high as 30%. The effects begin with a cerebral stimulation that induces a feeling of euphoria and happiness in users. This strain’s head buzz can make users a little too giddy, making it a good choice for social situations. There have also been some reports of the strain sending users into a deep introspection state that makes them feel a little spacey.

Nuken, like any hybrid strain, can be cultivated both indoors and outdoors. Nuken feminized cannabis seed can be grown using either soil or hydro medium in a SOG growing process. Since this strain may be difficult to produce, it is not recommended for inexperienced growers.

What are the Medical Benefits of Nuken Feminized Strain?

Growing Difficulty: Moderate

The Nuken strain is a classic hybrid that is currently gaining popularity in the Pacific Northwest, particularly in Oregon and Washington. This Indica-dominant strain is well-known for its intriguing contrast of a powerful yet delicious high

Genetics Parents: Shishkaberry x God Bud

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Nuken Feminized Marijuana Strain

THC Level: 13 to 25%

Yield: 16 to 20oz/m2 indoor / 24oz/p outdoor

Given its high THC levels, this weed provides fast-acting and long-lasting effects and high. The high begins with an uplifting and positively emotional relaxation that will definitely lighten up the user’s mood. Moreover, it gives off euphoric and happy sensations that will make users feel more social and optimistic which is very useful when in social situations. It also offers an energetic high that keeps users energized to fulfill their tasks for the day. The weed gets users in a deeper meditation state which can lead to a spacey feeling. After a while, a relaxing sensation, which is not completely sedative, will spread throughout the entire body and usually leads to drowsiness and sleep. The weed will certainly keep users in a couchlock situation, especially when consumed in higher doses.

Developed by crossbreeding two popular hybrids- the God Bud and Shishkaberry, the Nuken Feminized strain is known as a traditional hybrid that’s famous in the Pacific Northwest. The weed is an Indica-dominant strain that is beautifully wrapped in sage color and is coated with resin from top to bottom, having thick and round flowers. With a THC level of around 13-25%, this herb is expected to deliver potent effects that can target both the mind and body. At the same time, it produces a soothing and pleasant vibe that is very relaxing and calming. Moreover, it has a number of medical benefits as well. What’s more, the flavors and aromas of this strain are a combination of soft, earthy, and woody tones that are actually pleasing to the senses. These qualities have made the Nuken Feminized strain gain more popularity.

This feminized version of the Nuken strain is a versatile and well-rounded medicinal choice for various physical and mental ailments. It is considered an effective treatment for users who are suffering from symptoms of anxiety, depression, and stress, thanks to its uplifting and energetic effects. Due to its relaxing body buzz, this herb can alleviate physical discomforts including migraines, muscle spasms, body pains, and other minor body and muscle inconveniences. Moreover, the weed’s sedative effects can help those who suffer from insomnia by promoting a night of restful sleep.

What are the Medical Benefits of Nuken Feminized Seeds?

Just like other marijuana strains, the Nuken feminized strain also delivers some adverse effects. The most common effects are experiencing dry eyes and cottonmouth which can easily be remedied by staying hydrated. Users can also experience dizziness and headaches. In very rare cases, anxiety and paranoia may occur, especially if consumption is excessive.

The Nuken Feminized strain is known for its unique flavors and aromas. As for its scent, this weed has a sweet and creamy marshmallow aroma combined with slight hints of skunk, earthy, and pine undertones. And the smell becomes more intense in every puff. The taste, on the other hand, is similar to its aroma. It has a delectable taste of freshly roasted marshmallow that is mixed with skunky and earthy hints and slight touches of pine.


Cultivating the Nuken feminized cannabis plant is not a very easy task to do. But some knowledge and skills can go a long way. Its flowering time will take around 7-8 weeks. This plant can be grown both in an indoor and outdoor setting but should be monitored very closely since it is sensitive to humidity. Moreover, it can be susceptible to molds and mildew especially when the environment becomes too humid, therefore humidity levels should be controlled. This herb thrives best in cool climates when grown outdoors. Indoors, the climate should be adjusted and more ventilation fans should be installed. However, the plant is suitable to grow in organic soil or with the use of hydroponics. It is also very responsive to the Sea of Green (SOG) method. During harvest time, which is usually around late September to mid-October, growers can be rewarded with yields of up to 400-500 grams indoor and 600 grams outdoor.