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nuclear cookies seeds

Nuclear cookies seeds

11 people told us about effects:

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Nuclear Cookies reported flavors

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11 people told us about flavors:

Nuclear Cookies effects

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Nuclear cookies seeds

Although the bud can be grown both indoors and out , this is a strain which thrives in the outdoors and offers its most optimal yield when grown this way. Due to its lofty height, the need for regular observation and frequent topping is required to get the most out of its yield potential.

Whether you love weed for the high, use it as a patient or love to cultivate plants for yourself, this insane strain has something to offer everyone.

Chernobyl is a pretty speedy grower, with plants flowering after between eight to nine weeks. It yields around 14 oz per square meter; not the most abundant yield, but we can promise the quality is higher than you get with many other buds, so it is still worth a go!

THC Content – Highest Test

Anyone who loves a fruity, mouth-wateringly sweet bud will LOVE Chernobyl. This is a perfect example of a strain that sounds harsher than it is, this is a real sweet-tooth bud!

Whether you are looking to grow Chernobyl for yourself or appreciate a good looking bag of bud, she is sure not to disappoint. Flavor, aroma, and appearance combined are more than enough to keep you coming back for more, and that’s before we get into how Chernobyl fairs in the efficacy stakes!

Chernobyl Aroma, Flavor, Appearance

Ideal for daytime use, this bud won’t skew regular functions or tamper with your ability to focus; in fact, it is a great to-do list strain! Power through your day with a relaxed mind, body, and soul, or enjoy it with friends as you find yourself enthusiastic and engaged in conversation.

Chernobyl offers a mid-range THC content , with the highest test showing up to 22% and the lowest around 16%. This is a good percentage for those patients looking to use the bud as a medication.