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nexus og seeds

We don’t actually produce Nexus seeds, so we can say that it rest in peace at the Eva Seeds’ graveyard.

Nexus is an awesome cannabis strain, actually we don’t produce these seeds, so it rest in peace at Eva Seeds’ graveyard.

The result, a plant with high yield and really easy to grow, that doesn’t need many nutrientes to grow at perfection.

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This genetics born from crossing a Brazilian plant x Blueberry.

It’s mainly characterized for being really easy to grow, so she don’t need many nutrients and it’s perfect to grow in places as Morocco, where it’s still grown today.

For this reason, is the perfect candidate to grow in arid zones as Morocco, so today, some Moroccan growers still growing and keeping this genetics to make hash.

This exotic cannabis strain born from crossing of two special genetics, one plant from Brazil and Blueberry.

The True OG flowers in 9 weeks with typical Indica and Kush bud structure, producing large solid plants with good yields.

We bred our True OG through selectively breeding various OG Kush phenotypes and weeding out our favorite with the best characteristics.

The True OG is an extremely popular indica strain originating in Southern California, where the term OG originally meant “Ocean Grown”.

Canuk Seeds proudly presenting The True OG !

Our True OG has a long lasting mellow effect great for combating Insomnia and Pain, accompanied by a delectably sweet and fruity flavor.