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neighbors weeds growing through fence

Neighbors weeds growing through fence

Finally, now you will find the answer to how to stop neighbors’ weeds coming through the fence. Weeds in the lawn or garden may spread diseases, both plants and soil nutrients. Weed control is a fundamental part of the garden.

weeds come from seeds. Dimension put down an obstacle on your soil to prevent them from germination. Before these seeds grow up, you will be able to control your weed pressure.

Some characteristic includes-

By taking preventive measures, you can keep your garden or lawn weed-free. Read below to learn all about the strategies to stop weeds:

Ques: Why is it important to remove weeds?

When you allow them to grow alongside with your plants they compete for your food which and your plants won’t be as nutritious as they would be.

You can also apply a herbicide for removing the type of weeds coming through fences. Gently spray the product on the weed or use a paintbrush to apply it.

Weeds are not always the enemy. Weeds in some shady sites are engaging in landscapes, but you must make sure that they not removed from your other plants. If you are not happy with the weeds, remove them and adjust to that area.

Keep in Mind

The weeds rob the soil and destroy the nutrients of water. That’s why it is essential to remove weeds.

Weeds can hide the main crop in your garden. That’s why they also can hide the syndromes of disease that will reduce your yields.

Neighbors weeds growing through fence

purplerallim Lincolnshire Posts: 4,078

This is the stuff I got @purplerallim
It’s quite stiff and takes some cutting with a strong pair of scissors, and I left about 1″ above the soil level just in case..
I used it along 30ft fence and also to contain a patch of raspberries – so far so good

Lyn Devon Posts: 19,440

AnniD Posts: 8,583

Gardening on the wild, windy west side of Dartmoor.

purplerallim Lincolnshire Posts: 4,078

You can see how I used it in the pic below against the fence and around the rasps.
Same here – next door have an assortment of mostly bindweed and ivy and some brambles that used to come through and over a year on it’s worked so far