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neighbors weeds growing over fence

Neighbors weeds growing over fence

Dig a small trench along your fence. Put down some plastic or landscape fabric and fill with gravel.

I dug down a bit sprayed round up, nailed plastic to bottom of fence and laid in rocks or brick to hide plastic. Created a barrier.

What type of plastic? Like, what was its original intended use?

Neighbors weeds growing over fence

You can also apply a herbicide for removing the type of weeds coming through fences. Gently spray the product on the weed or use a paintbrush to apply it.

However, Small spaces between sheds and fences are ideal areas for weed growth. Because of small places, it is difficult to reach those areas to stop the neighbour’s weeds. As far as the equipment can reach manual control is possible of the solution. But spray with chemicals may be the only solution to remove weeds.

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Attached with mulch

When you allow the weeds to grow, the problem is started and your crops may inter under the weeds. They block flowers and vegetable from sunlight or rain.

The weeds rob the soil and destroy the nutrients of water. That’s why it is essential to remove weeds.

Weeds hide out your crops space

Some weeds can cause human health problems like Ragweed, Rye Grass, Privet weeds cause asthma problems in the human body.

In your garden weeds are uninvited guests to shop up. Each tree has to share its food with its neighbours. So, the fewer neighbours appear, the more nutrients need for the plants

Neighbors weeds growing over fence

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Gardening on the wild, windy west side of Dartmoor.

This is the stuff I got @purplerallim
It’s quite stiff and takes some cutting with a strong pair of scissors, and I left about 1″ above the soil level just in case..
I used it along 30ft fence and also to contain a patch of raspberries – so far so good

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