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nectarine lips seeds

And unbelievably smelly and tasty cannabis we have ever seen.
This rich and intense flavor with a soft and smooth smoke will deliver notes
That range from gas on gas to nectarines and peaches to different types of grapes
To lemon, Lime, Strawberries and tropical fruit. A very complexed flavor and aroma profile. This line grows strong and vigour.
It is a very strong and tough plant that will do well in most climates
And setups and resistant to most disease and pests, Drought or other extreme condition.
Expect a heavy yield of this beautiful mouthwatering product.
This amazing cannabis line will finish extremely fast around 47 days of flowering.

This plant is a “sativa” dominant but with all the benefits of “Indica” like structure,
Fast flowring and dense and heavy nugs.
The best of both worlds.

Nectarine lips seeds